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Just what I needed since it was HOT!!
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@cheerfulcallie looking at this i want some mcdonald chocolate sundae! +___+
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@cheerfulcallie Looks delicious! I had a blended coffee has been really hot out. It's definitely getting into summer time!
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@dillonk i had a mango smoothie yesterday it was soo refreshingly good and yeah the days has gotten hotter....summer has arrived (*_*) @ameliasantos10 mcd's sundae's are yummy!! ice cream, i never complain
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@cheerfulcallie it's already summer there?? In Seoul it's summer day time and it's like late autumn at night .. totally messing with the people hahah and ohmygod i could never get enough of mcd's sundae!! the flow of sweet chocolate and the vanilla icecream is probably the best combination!
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@cheerfulcallie Smoothies are a must in the summer time!
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