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Westfield London, opened in 2008, is located in the White City district of London. White City is a place where other large real estate development projects are underway. This shopping center is really large (150,000 square meters) and has not only retail but also other entertainment facilities for family shoppers and tourists. When the shopping mall was opened, it was the largest shopping center in EU. Center has almost 300 stores which include luxury products, casual brands and fancy brands. You can find luxuries such as Gucci, Miu Miu, Burberry and Versace. Also this shopping center has flagship-scale fast fashion stores such as Top Shop, ZARA and H&M. If you are visiting London this summer for Olympic, business or travel, it is worthwhile visiting this landmark.
it is!
The best in Europe also
The best shopping center in London. :)
This is THE shopping place in London. I cannot imagine how much it will be crowded during the Olympic.
Wow Top-shop looks awesome. would love to shop there :P