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Green Tree Frog found in Fish's Mouth
@mcgraffy @happyrock I came a cross this article and though of you. Hope you enjoy!!! Professional fisherman, Angus James, discovered a green tree frog nestled in the mouth of the jungle perch while unhooking it from his lure. He was able to capture this photo right before the frog jumped out over his head.
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hahahah @imliz where do you even find this? lol this is hilarious and yes the frog is just kind of like oh hey whats up welcome to my crib lol
4 years ago·Reply
@happyrock No problem @ameliasantos10 To be honest I don't even remember.. hahaah
4 years ago·Reply
That's insane
4 years ago·Reply
well thats certainly a creative hiding place?
4 years ago·Reply
The frog looks comfy!
4 years ago·Reply