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Well this is interesting. Do any of you do this? I know I don't like my money crumbled up, but I never thought anyone would do this.
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@imliz hahahaah i mean when i have crumbled up bills those are the first one i use lol sending it to other people ... i mean i can understand not liking crumbled bills so i rather use them first than sitting there and straighten them~
@ameliasantos10 Yeah. Crumbled and slightly too old and wrinkly are the first bills out of my wallet. They make it pretty stinky .
hmmm maybe it's just a unique tick they have? haha I'm terrible with my money, they're always folded up or crumpled in my wallet =/ maybe I should pick up this habit
@peteryang292 hahaha I think it might be easier just picking up the habit of putting your bills in nicely in your wallet. Don't you think? heheh
@peteryang292 as much as i want to tell you to pick up this new unique habit i might have to agree with @imliz on this one hahahah it might be easier and a lot more time saving to pick up the wallet habit? but if you do pick up the habit let me know how it goes hahahhaha