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The goblet drum has been a very important part of Arab, Middle Eastern, and North African musical tradition for millennia. It has a unique sound and can be used to create magnificent beats at incredible speeds. It has since come to be used in fusion genres like flamenco, gypsy, and Latin & Arabic fusion, and brings new life to songs and dances. The instrument can be be heard in the popular works of Shakira, Alabina, Los Ninos de Sara, and the Gypsy Kings. Be sure to watch both videos--they're solo videos that really showcase the sound of these drums and their versatility. My hand hurts just from watching!
thank you @esraozcelik376!
@gabyrich wonderful .. I love the rhythm to the sound of darbuka in belly dancing.
@fallingwater isn't he fantastic! It's amazing what you can do with a simply instrument
awesome video!!!! i'd totally tip him~~~!
The darbuka is a very special instrument and as you said a staple of the Middle East. I love the sounds it emanates. Thank you for sharing.