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Although the death of the DSLR is greatly exaggerated, companies around the world still think there is a market for iLCs, hence everyone seems to want to make a smaller camera. All the major players like Sony, Nikon and Canon have their take on what a mirrorless camera is like and Samsung could do no worst than to introduce a new one....
@dillonk, noise is inherent even in film. So you learn to deal with it even during the analogue age. Today, you have software that can address the issue whereas I never had that possibility with film. Working with Sony can really test your patience, They are after all a consumer electronics giant and with it comes the rigid expectation of sales numbers and less on brand building. Most of the camera products that make it to the retail store are actually 18 months old. That's the lead time they need to realize a final product. There is trend now that no photographer is loyal to a brand, which is true...because they never built up their brand loyalty with the consumers. This means the moment a new cool product comes out, a consumer will not hesitate to give up the entire camera system they have for a new one.
@dillonk You should go and try one out. If you shoot with an APS-C sensor alongside an MFT sensor at 1600 ISO, there is no real difference in image quality. The APS-C gets better at higher ISO compared to MFT sensors. I don't use 3200 ISO as I prefer getting better dynamic range at lower ISOs. MFT is great if you are a casual shooter. I have no need for high ISO or high shutter speed. As for the EVF, I thought it was splendid. Like you, I was used to the optical pentaprism but when I got my first MFT, the Lumix G1, I was so surprised by the quality. I even asked the guys I worked with in Sony and they told me that the technology actually came from Konica Minolta, their engineers went over to Panasonic to further develop the technology with Live View as some didn't want to join Sony when they bought over the company.. There is virtually no shutter lag during the time you press the shutter button and what you see on the EVF. It works even better than the optical viewfinder!.My eventual target is the Fujifilm X-pro variant, which is APS-C. For now, I think that I will shoot more film. I think it is more fun and challenging. I would consider a digital camera if my work calls for it but not for the moment.
@dillonk I don't blame you. There are so many standards now that people get so switched off on what's available. Personally I like the weight, and ergonomics of the older NX series. It felt perfect in my hands but the image quality wasn't great. For the asking price, I went to the MFT platform and never looked back.Nikon's 1 system is similar to this NX mini though....and Nikon has far more lenses to offer.
@dillonk Actually to be more precise, they want someone to buy into a DSLR system and not add on third party lenses :-) Loyalty are for those who continue to buy into a brand, just like following a football club. The Smartphone business really affected their train of thought as it disrupted their business model of selling cameras and lenses. So in the future, we can only see DCCs and DSLRs getting more expensive as they will be selling less of them.
@Benard It's understandable that Sony works more as a giant business with rigid expectations on sales. They have so many divisions within the company that cutting costs for nonprofitable segments could be logical. That being said, they could have benefited from putting some effort into building loyalty. In my opinion it seems like the camera market may just want a dslr body that works with many manufactured lenses...
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