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What’s Gong Yoo doing with a frying pan?
You’ll have to wait until episode 11 of Big to see, but the teaser stills released by KBS show us that he’s not intending to bean an intruder with it. I’ve always loved couples who fall in love when not trying and simply spending time together doing normal things. Not necessarily hating each other’s guts and bickering as a way of foreplay, but more like they never considered falling for each other despite getting along and then suddenly love happens in the most unexpected of places. Based on the article that accompanied these pictures, Da Ran drinks beer to deal with her confused heart and Kyung Jae thinks she’s missing Yoon Jae so he uses Yoon Jae’s voice and sings her a “frying pan lovesong”. Except Da Ran likes Kyung Joon so this gets her even more deeply attracted to him. With the progression of Da Ran figuring out her heart and Kyung Joon’s strong feelings for Da Ran, the upcoming reveal of the reason for the soul-switching will bring more pain for them. Well that surely bodes well. Not.
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