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 Recap Ep 1: Recap Ep 2: Recap Ep 3: Recap Ep 4: Recap Ep 5: Recap Ep 6: Recap Ep 7: Recap Ep 8: Recap Ep 9: Recap Ep 10: Recap Ep 11: Yoon Jae and Da Ran are inside Yoon Jae's house. Yoon Jae hates his mom even more because she made her cry. Yoon Jae said that as long as Da Ran put Yoon Jae's ring on, he is still responsible for her. If who she wants to see is Kyung Joon, she should put the ring off. If Da Ran doesn't have the courage to fight Yoon Jae's mom, then they should just leave. So both of them left the house. In the car, Yoon Jae asked, "are you having a dilemma now? Are you confused to choose Yoon Jae or Kyung Joon?" But Da Ran insisted that she is not confused. Meanwhile, Yoon Jae's parents were having this argument. The dad said," Kyung Joon saved Yoon Jae when he was a child. So I can't just throw him away. We have to find him." Mom said, "The kid lying in the hospital is Kyung Joon. Yoon Jae saved him from the accident. So now it's even." Dad said, "So are you saying that you want to throw Kyung Joon away again" Mom said, "then you choose. Kyung joon, or me and Yoon Jae..." At home, Yoon Jae keep teasing her about the ring. When she washed the dishes, he said, "so you are going to take off that ring when you wash the dishes?" When she just finished taking shower, he said, "so when you take shower, you don't take it off?" It made her upset. Da Ran was washing her running shoes with her ring on, and Yoon Jae said, "are you not going to take that ring off?" She was really mad at him, saying that this situation is really tiring for her. Yoon Jae asked, "What makes you tired? Seo Yoon Jae, his mom, or his dad?" Da Ran said, " It's you. You make me tired. "While Yoon Jae is not here, I'm having fun with you here, it's really tiring." So Yoon Jae said, "then just forget about all. Let's not take responsibility for each other if it's really tiring." Da Ran start packing her stuff in a rubbish bag, the cute pandas, the China travel guide book, the home made wine, and all stuff that has the memory with Yoon jae, and Yoon Jae was really made about it. Yoon Jae came to her with an empty rubbish bag, and said that, "I don't even have anything to throw away. You Know why?? because you only receive stuffs. You never give!!!" and he left!! THIS is heartbreaking!! It's soo trueee!! He did everything for Da Ran, but never receive anything from her TT Da Ran went outside and take the trashes back..she seems to regret things now... Yoon jae were outside with Ma Ri, and they are discussing about where they should find Kyung Joon's father. Meanwhile, Se Young is meeting his mom. Yoon Jae's mom said, that she thinks that Yoon Jae changed. He seems to love Da Ran more even now. So Da Ran's family is going for a camping trip. She was preparing herself to go, and when the family arrived, they invited Yoon Jae to go together too. But Yoon Jae said that he won't go. So Da Ran said, "I had a fight with him, so let's just go without him." In the car, the family tried to contact Yoon Jae's phone, but Da Ran said, " Don't even try to contact him!!" Funny! At home, Yoon Jae wanted to throw away Da Ran's stuffs, such as the slipper, toothbrush, cups, but when he went to her room, he saw that Da Ran didn't throw away his stuffs, so he changed his mind :)) He saw text messages coming from Da Ran's parents and Chung Sik, trying their best to tempt him to go to the camping site. I think he will go there!! So he really went there!! He surprised Da Ran, and the funny thing is all the family just left and they are now there without the parents. He asked Da Ran not to stay in the tent and go outside to play. She finally followed him and seems to have fun. They use the self timer and good camera to take their pictures together and they poses are sooo hillarious!!! They play around near the fountain and Yoon Jae took his clothes off again!! Long time no see muscles hehehehhe!! @.@ They went to the convinient store and the ahjumma said that they look good together. Da Ran said that Yoon Jae is her brother. But ahjumma said that he doesn't look like a younger brother. Then Da Ran bumped into some of her seniors, and she introduced Yoon Jae as her younger brother. Outside, there are some young girls asking for Yoon Jae's help building the tent, and Yoon Jae wanted to help them but Da Ran got really jealous!!!! HAHAHA Yoon Jae's father finally made his decision and met Kyung Joon's uncle. I think his mom is really really mad about it. She said, "June 24 is not Kyung Joon's birthday!! It's the day when Yoon Jae is saved!!!" THAT BIATCH is so selfish and crazy!!! At the camping site, Da Ran keeps complaining about how all pictures turned out really bad because he kept doing strange poses and keep blocking her from the camera. She was annoyed and said, "I will go and meet my seniors. I'm busy." Yoon Jae said, "Don't you think I'm busy? I have something to do with the girls from the other tent." She left, but on her way, she got jealous. She thinks, what if Yoon Jae treat them well and they fell for him, so she went back. Yoon Jae was in the middle of the alley waiting for her, and he said that it's getting late and dark, so he was giving her a lamp to use. He said that he will wait for her to come back. After she left, something strange happened again!!! Their soul are swapped back again for a while, and Yoon Jae was looking at his parents in the hospital!!! He fainted out and came back, and Da Ran came back. Da Ran asked him what happened, but he was not sure about everything. He is not sure whether they are swapped back or he dreamt about his parents. He felt week and Da Ran hugged him. Da Ran was sleeping, and Yoon jae covered her with a blanket. He was talking behind her back (this is really sad, really!!). He said, "I am so jealous of Yoon Jae. He has parents, he has a good life..and he has you... If I will be back as Kyung Joon...I have no one...I know that noone will remember me...and I will lose if we are swapped back...Da Ran..please remember Kyung Joon...." Da Ran just pretended to sleep!! She was listening!!! and she cried TT Meanwhile, Ma Ri is in school, really mad because she found out that they went camping together. Suddenly Ma Ri got a text message. The message says,"I'm Kyung Joon's father. Can we meet?" At home, Da Ran suddenly told her dad, that she was transferred to a school in other area. So Da Ran's dad asked whether it is OK for them to be apart while they are newly wed couple. Her dad also told her how he fell in love with her mom and how he got married with her mom at the age of 19. Ma Ri told Yoon Jae that she is in the hospital lobby where she is going to meet Kyung Joon's father. So Yoon Jae was on his way to the lobby when he bumped to Se Young. Se Young said, "I hope you care more about the patient Kang Kyung Joon." (She knows that they are brothers). The dad is already in the lobby (not yet meet Ma Ri), and Yoon Jae was also coming to Ma Ri's way, when suddenly he felt the headache again. He fainted down and His dad and Ma Ri went to him and asked when he is OK. ohhhh so today Ma Ri failed to meet him!! Oh No! Ma Ri and Yoon Jae were discussing it againi at home, and when Ma Ri is alone, she thinks about how weird it is that Yoon Jae's father is there at the same time. In school, the principal asked Da Ran why she is always late these days. She thinks that Yoon Jae and her had a fight. Da Ran was looking at the calendar, and see that Kyung Joon's birthday is approaching. Ma Ri went to the hospital bringing a birthday cake for Kyung Joon when she saw him AWAKE!!! standing by the window!!! He smiled at her for a while...but suddenly he disappeared!!! I almost thought that it's real, but it's a dream!! Yoon Jae and Da Ran are at home, and she asked whether he want to have dinner together on his birthday. But Yoon Jae refused it. He left, and suddenly came out again, and asked her with a loud voice," What did I do wrong??? What did I do wrong that you have to leave to the remote place???" The next day is Kyung Joon's birthday. In the hospital, Ma Ri and the nurses were having a mini brithday party for Kyung Joon. Meanwhile in Yoon Jae's house, Da Ran left him some seaweed soup with a memo on it. It's written, "Happy birthday. Let's have dinner today." After that Da Ran went to the mall to buy Kyung Joon a birthday present, which is a watch, with KKJ initial graved on the watch. Unfortunately, Se Young was there with a friend, and they followed her. She saw Da Ran was waiting for some guy, even taking off her ring. This situation just gives Se Young a bad idea!!!! So Se Young told Yoon Jae about that (she just want to prove to Yoon Jae that Da Ran is having an affair with some KKJ guy kkkk) YOU guys should see how happy he is after listening to Se Young explanation!! He just left her and ran into Da Ran. He saw Da Ran is waiting for him, and when he come closer, Da Ran tried to put on her ring to avoid him, but he said, "Don't lie to yourself anymore!!" And the ring drop to the ground...and they kissed!!!!! So it's official now that Da Ran is not kissing Yoon Jae, but Kyung Joon!!! No preview for today :( but i will upload some screenshots soon ^^ ---------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to share this card by clicking on the f/t button! Don't forget to click on the ♥ button too! :) 
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if you count they have many kisses together and there is still 4 eps haha
This whole no preview thing is killing meeee but thank you for the drama recaps!! Great job :)
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