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Classic is
Luxury classic-style interior is very harmonious. The artworks uses new material: lacquer and eggshell. The use of these materials is deeply rooted in Korean culture, yet reinterpreted as media for western art. Pleasant memories, 120×60cm, Lacquer techniques on panel, lacquer and eggshell, 2012 by Korea Artist Kong, Sookja Korea's unique gallery
잉글리쉬커뮤니티에 한국어로 카드작성한거 올리지좀 말아주세요...;;;
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영어로 설정해놨는데 한국어가계속 떠서 제[가 잘못 설정한줄알았어요^^;;
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@rachelykim 제가 이용법을 잘 몰라서 그랬어요. 의문을 가지고 있던 것 중의 하나였는데 어떤 문제인지 분명히 알게 되었네요. 불편을 드린 점 죄송해요^^
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