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@nokcha i totally know that feel! ahhah i would think the branches outside is hte sound of someone @cheerfulcallie HAHAHHAHA the kid speaking korean hahahaa but so true i pretty much jump or like drop things that i am holding because i always have my volume on pretty high haha and omg i need my dean fix too!~
@ameliasantos10 give me your i.d. so i can message you late at night and hmph dean fix? tisk tisk
@mrjockx as much as i love you.. i cannot risk increasing my chance of having a heart attack at night ahhaahh and yes who doesn't need a dean fix? considering how adorable he is! hahahahah
mmmhm @ameliasantos10 i hope vingle gets notifacation sounds so i can wake you up lol.
@mrjockx you are just trying to give me a heart attack aren't you? hahahaha