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Batery Laptop Asus X555L tai sao hư

Battery laptop Asus bị hư tại sao nó hư, có 2 nguyên nhân sau đây.
        - Pin có vòng đời của nó thông thường sau 1000 lần sạc và xả thì pin laptop Asus sẻ giảm tuổi thọ pin ==> Pin sẻ bị hư
        - Nguyên nhân do chúng ta sài không đúng cách dẫn đến pin bị hư… Không đúng cách là như thế nào.
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Outsource Managed Services: The Smart Choice for Business Growth are tasks that are taken care of by a third party, most often as part of corporate IT solutions. The managed services model is a method of general outsourcing activities to a professional to minimize expenses, increase service quality, or free up internal teams to engage in business-specific chores. A managed service provider (MSP) is a firm that delivers such services. Some of the features of these services include network and infrastructure management, security, and monitoring. MSPs handle administration services regularly, allowing customers to focus on developing their services rather than stressing about long system downtimes or service disruptions. Since each business has a unique configuration, an MSP may offer a wide range of service alternatives. Technical assistance, repair, and subscription services are two categories of MSP products. The main goal of MSP technical support fix services is to remotely fix problems or dispatch professionals to a company’s site to do so. MSPs who offer this service will charge the business for the troubleshooting time and any parts necessary to fix the issue. How Outsource Managed Services Can Help Your Business Grow? More and more small businesses are turning to managed IT services in an effort to cut costs and improve efficiency. You won’t ever have to waste your time and money managing in-house IT specialists or studying the newest technological developments when you have a managed IT service on speed dial. Instead, hiring a third party with the necessary knowledge to handle your company’s IT demands is best. It’s common for business leaders to associate their IT teams with managed service providers (MSPs). They believe that by hiring one on the recommendation of their CIO or IT director, they have authorized an IT remedy. However, MSPs are more than just technical resources that can be utilized while connectivity is unavailable. Trustworthy MSPs provide the answers that companies of all kinds and all market sectors need to realize their maximum expansion potential. MSPs can utilize their IT knowledge to benefit businesses by increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and generating income. The key ways in which a outsourced Managed Service Provider can aid in the expansion of your business are as follows: 1. Increased Efficiency An MSP can help you tailor your company’s IT infrastructure to your needs. Furthermore, it is possible to create an operational environment that increases worker productivity while limiting downtime and the possibility of system breakdowns. Most of the time, your MSP can manage your infrastructure. This saves you time and makes sure that your business runs smoothly. Additionally, many MSPs provide service around the clock, although the majority of in-house IT departments need help to do so. Employees in businesses without MSPs will experience some downtime in the morning, whereas MSPs can fix an overnight network issue before the first workers arrive in the morning. Additionally, you risk losing more money and clients the longer your systems remain down. MSPs work with several clients from various industries. As a direct result, their crew has amassed a wealth of expertise concerning the various technical and business issues that call for IT solutions. MSPs can recommend and assist you in planning and installing workable solutions that can help you maximize the efficiency of your company based on their experience. 2. Cost Savings Using a managed service provider can prevent your business from paying for expensive new hires with specialized skillsets, such as cybersecurity. MSP workers can enhance your in-house staff by covering significant talent gaps. Additionally, MSPs often charge either a per-use cost model or a regular monthly price, allowing you to change the services you require as necessary. You can swiftly scale up the assistance and services required if demand increases. You can easily take a service out of your contract if you no longer need it. Businesses frequently experience significant cost savings in two other areas when partnering with an MSP. MSPs often assist organizations in locating the hardware and software they want at prices below the competition. MSPs have extensive supplier networks and can often get better prices. And because they can, they can assist you in acquiring and deploying applications and solutions that you have resisted for a long time, which can significantly influence your organization. 3. Improved Security The question of when a cybercriminal will target a firm is now the only one that remains in the modern world. And cyberattacks may be disastrous, with the physical, financial, and reputational losses frequently sufficient to drive a corporation out of existence. Even though you can’t stop someone from trying, you can make and use the right cybersecurity plan to make it much less likely that they will succeed. Furthermore, MSPs and MSSPs typically have access to advanced security tools that most firms do not have. You need to protect your company as much as possible from cybersecurity threats, which requires a combination of experience, resources, and focused time. Cybercriminals are only one threat, though. 4. Access to Expertise It’s difficult and time-consuming to hire an IT team, and you will know how capable they are once a critical network issue arises. Some people do exceptionally well on the test. It’s risky to rely on someone else to fix the problem for your business because they might need more time to do so. Even if your IT personnel are knowledgeable and familiar with your systems, you may discover that they need to be equipped to operate or maintain new equipment and techniques when they are added. The biggest problem is that even the best-trained staff members need the depth of expertise and experience of an MSP’s massive team. When your staff lacks certain areas of expertise, an MSP can help. It does not make sense to require an employee to master a new skill set to complete a one-time project. A Managed Service Provider (MSP) provides access to a group of specialists with particular expertise that you otherwise would not have. 5. Scalability The cost of keeping an IT team in-house is high, which is why you often see them understaffed, overworked, and unable to finish all their tasks because they need more time or resources. That is not effective daily and certainly not while your business is trying to grow. Even training one more employee for your IT department can cost thousands of dollars, and there is no assurance that they will stay with the company.  Network scaling requires a lot of planning, personnel, and new hardware. It is an enormous expense for any business and frequently diverts an IT team’s attention away from other crucial functions like security. Managed services can assist you in expanding or upgrading your systems as needed without the need to hire and train personnel that you may not require in the future. How to Choose an Outsource Managed Services Provider? There is a wide selection of options to choose from when it comes to managed IT service providers. Check that you can put your company’s data and security in the hands of the managed IT provider. Before committing to managed IT services, consider the following questions: What kinds of solutions does the provider deliver? What is the scale of the provider? What history do they have? There are multiple sorts of managed IT service companies. More extensive managed IT service providers operate worldwide, but smaller ones may be preferable for your business. Additionally, you should be aware of whether they offer end users 24/7 support. Finding the right managed IT service provider for your business will depend on its specific requirements. For instance, the managed IT provider should have experience in cyber security if your organization places a high priority on data security. IT services can play a crucial role in your company’s expansion by offering outstanding support that will enable you to operate more effectively and free up your time for the priorities most important to your organization. Factors to Consider When Outsource Managed Services Finding the right partner for your Managed Services needs is significant. When selecting a managed services provider, it is essential to consider the following factors: Accessibility Your IT supplier, however, should be available at all hours to monitor your network and ensure its security. Make sure your managed services provider is reachable at all hours of the day, every day of the year, before committing to any agreement. It is critical to your company’s success. Rapid response and service Your service provider must always be accessible and responsive to your requirements and issues. Ensure your IT company answers the phone and doesn’t send calls to a call center. Look for a response time guarantee. Yearly budgeting for IT A reputable managed services company will sit with you to assist with future technology planning. Ask for their guidance and experience to help you with your annual planning, and search for methods to save costs and increase productivity with technology that will help your business go to the next level. Check if your managed services supplier is proactive and considers your needs. Emergency Recovery Planning Are you ready if a weather calamity, vandalism, or other outage affects your business? A good managed services provider will assist you in making plans, preserving your data, and ensuring your company can bounce back from a jarring occurrence. Partnerships with Third Party Vendors Utilizing a managed services provider has the benefit of handling your technology providers, saving you the time required to locate several vendors for service and support. When deciding on a provider, it is essential to consider the companies with which they partner and to ensure that they have experience with the software you intend to utilize. Conclusion Your company can benefit significantly from managed IT services because they increase security, scalability, and compliance. Small business owners can now gain a strategic advantage through modern business technology and assistance, enabling you and your staff to concentrate on what matters most.
AZ-900 Prüfungsfragen mit Lösungen deutsch bietet die neuesten Prüfungsfragen und Antworten mit Lösungen zur Vorbereitung auf die Microsoft Prüfung AZ-900 deutsch(Microsoft Azure Fundamentals). Falls Sie die Zertifizierungsprüfung doch nicht bestehen, können Sie die Geld-zurück-Garantie nutzen. Die Prüfungssoftware von der Microsoft Microsoft Azure Prüfung AZ-900, mit der Sie die Prüfung selbst simulieren, wird von unseren IT-Experten aus dem Prüfungszentrum wie PROMETRIC oder VUE verfasst, deswegen können wir Ihnen 100% Erfolgsgarantie geben. Microsoft Microsoft Azure AZ-900 Prüfungsfragen Prüfungsunterlagen Info zu dieser Prüfungsvorbereitung Prüfungsnummer:AZ-900 Prüfungsname:Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Anzahl:312 Prüfungsfragen mit Lösungen Unsere Prüfungsunterlagen zu der Microsoft IT-Prüfung AZ-900 Zertifizierung enthalten alle originalen Testfragen. Die Abdeckungsrate unserer Fragenkataloge (Fragen und Antworten mit Lösungen) zur AZ-900 Prüfung ist normalerweise mehr als 99%. Wir bieten Übungsexamen zur Vorbereitung auf Ihre IT-Zertifizierungs-prüfung. Die Prüfungsfragen zur Prüfungsvorbereitung auf Microsoft Microsoft Azure Prüfung AZ-900(Microsoft Azure Fundamentals )bei sind aktuell und original. Jedem, der die Schulungsfragen zur Microsoft Zertifizierung AZ-900 nutzt und die IT Prüfungen beim ersten Mal nicht erfolgreich besteht, versprechen wir, die Kosten für das Schulungsunterlagen 100% zu erstatten.
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QUESTION 106 An organization is setting up two new Cisco FTD devices to replace their current firewalls and cannot have any network downtime. During the setup process, the synchronization between the two devices is failing. What action is needed to resolve this issue? A.Confirm that both devices have the same port-channel numbering B.Confirm that both devices are running the same software version C.Confirm that both devices are configured with the same types of interfaces D.Confirm that both devices have the same flash memory sizes Answer: D QUESTION 107 There is an increased amount of traffic on the network and for compliance reasons, management needs visibility into the encrypted traffic. What is a result of enabling TLS'SSL decryption to allow this visibility? A.It prompts the need for a corporate managed certificate B.It has minimal performance impact C.It is not subject to any Privacy regulations D.It will fail if certificate pinning is not enforced Answer: A QUESTION 108 An organization wants to secure traffic from their branch office to the headquarter building using Cisco Firepower devices, They want to ensure that their Cisco Firepower devices are not wasting resources on inspecting the VPN traffic. What must be done to meet these requirements? A.Configure the Cisco Firepower devices to ignore the VPN traffic using prefilter policies B.Enable a flexconfig policy to re-classify VPN traffic so that it no longer appears as interesting traffic C.Configure the Cisco Firepower devices to bypass the access control policies for VPN traffic. D.Tune the intrusion policies in order to allow the VPN traffic through without inspection Answer: C QUESTION 109 A network administrator is seeing an unknown verdict for a file detected by Cisco FTD. Which malware policy configuration option must be selected in order to further analyse the file in the Talos cloud? A.Spero analysis B.Malware analysis C.Dynamic analysis D.Sandbox analysis Answer: C QUESTION 110 An engineer has been tasked with providing disaster recovery for an organization's primary Cisco FMC. What must be done on the primary and secondary Cisco FMCs to ensure that a copy of the original corporate policy is available if the primary Cisco FMC fails? A.Configure high-availability in both the primary and secondary Cisco FMCs B.Connect the primary and secondary Cisco FMC devices with Category 6 cables of not more than 10 meters in length. C.Place the active Cisco FMC device on the same trusted management network as the standby device D.Restore the primary Cisco FMC backup configuration to the secondary Cisco FMC device when the primary device fails Answer: A QUESTION 111 An engineer is attempting to add a new FTD device to their FMC behind a NAT device with a NAT ID of ACME001 and a password of Cisco388267669. Which command set must be used in order to accomplish this? A.configure manager add ACME001 <registration key> <FMC IP> B.configure manager add <FMC IP> ACME0O1 <registration key> C.configure manager add DONTRESOLVE <FMC IP> AMCE001 <registration key> D.configure manager add <FMC IP> registration key> ACME001 Answer: D QUESTION 112 Refer to the exhibit. An organization has an access control rule with the intention of sending all social media traffic for inspection. After using the rule for some time, the administrator notices that the traffic is not being inspected, but is being automatically allowed. What must be done to address this issue? A.Modify the selected application within the rule B.Change the intrusion policy to connectivity over security. C.Modify the rule action from trust to allow D.Add the social network URLs to the block list Answer: C QUESTION 113 A user within an organization opened a malicious file on a workstation which in turn caused a ransomware attack on the network. What should be configured within the Cisco FMC to ensure the file is tested for viruses on a sandbox system? A.Capacity handling B.Local malware analysis C.Spere analysis D.Dynamic analysis Answer: D QUESTION 114 An engineer configures a network discovery policy on Cisco FMC. Upon configuration, it is noticed that excessive and misleading events filing the database and overloading the Cisco FMC. A monitored NAT device is executing multiple updates of its operating system in a short period of time. What configuration change must be made to alleviate this issue? A.Leave default networks. B.Change the method to TCP/SYN. C.Increase the number of entries on the NAT device. D.Exclude load balancers and NAT devices. Answer: D QUESTION 115 administrator is configuring SNORT inspection policies and is seeing failed deployment messages in Cisco FMC. What information should the administrator generate for Cisco TAC to help troubleshoot? A.A Troubleshoot" file for the device in question. B.A "show tech" file for the device in question C.A "show tech" for the Cisco FMC. D.A "troubleshoot" file for the Cisco FMC Answer: D QUESTION 117 A network engineer is receiving reports of users randomly getting disconnected from their corporate applications which traverses the data center FTD appliance Network monitoring tools show that the FTD appliance utilization is peaking above 90% of total capacity. What must be done in order to further analyze this issue? A.Use the Packet Export feature to save data onto external drives B.Use the Packet Capture feature to collect real-time network traffic C.Use the Packet Tracer feature for traffic policy analysis D.Use the Packet Analysis feature for capturing network data Answer: B QUESTION 118 IT management is asking the network engineer to provide high-level summary statistics of the Cisco FTD appliance in the network. The business is approaching a peak season so the need to maintain business uptime is high. Which report type should be used to gather this information? A.Malware Report B.Standard Report C.SNMP Report D.Risk Report Answer: D QUESTION 119 Refer to the exhibit. An administrator is looking at some of the reporting capabilities for Cisco Firepower and noticed this section of the Network Risk report showing a lot of SSL activity that cloud be used for evasion. Which action will mitigate this risk? A.Use SSL decryption to analyze the packets. B.Use encrypted traffic analytics to detect attacks C.Use Cisco AMP for Endpoints to block all SSL connection D.Use Cisco Tetration to track SSL connections to servers. Answer: A QUESTION 120 An administrator is setting up Cisco Firepower to send data to the Cisco Stealthwatch appliances. The NetFlow_Set_Parameters object is already created, but NetFlow is not being sent to the flow collector. What must be done to prevent this from occurring? A.Add the NetFlow_Send_Destination object to the configuration B.Create a Security Intelligence object to send the data to Cisco Stealthwatch C.Create a service identifier to enable the NetFlow service D.Add the NetFlow_Add_Destination object to the configuration Answer: D QUESTION 121 With a recent summer time change, system logs are showing activity that occurred to be an hour behind real time. Which action should be taken to resolve this issue? A.Manually adjust the time to the correct hour on all managed devices B.Configure the system clock settings to use NTP with Daylight Savings checked C.Manually adjust the time to the correct hour on the Cisco FMC. D.Configure the system clock settings to use NTP Answer: D QUESTION 122 A network administrator notices that SI events are not being updated The Cisco FTD device is unable to load all of the SI event entries and traffic is not being blocked as expected. What must be done to correct this issue? A.Restart the affected devices in order to reset the configurations B.Manually update the SI event entries to that the appropriate traffic is blocked C.Replace the affected devices with devices that provide more memory D.Redeploy configurations to affected devices so that additional memory is allocated to the SI module Answer: D QUESTION 123 Refer to the exhibit. What must be done to fix access to this website while preventing the same communication to all other websites? A.Create an intrusion policy rule to have Snort allow port 80 to only B.Create an intrusion policy rule to have Snort allow port 443 to only C.Create an access control policy rule to allow port 443 to only D.Create an access control policy rule to allow port 80 to only Answer: D QUESTION 124 A network administrator discovers that a user connected to a file server and downloaded a malware file. The Cisc FMC generated an alert for the malware event, however the user still remained connected. Which Cisco APM file rule action within the Cisco FMC must be set to resolve this issue? A.Detect Files B.Malware Cloud Lookup C.Local Malware Analysis D.Reset Connection Answer: D QUESTION 125 Which feature within the Cisco FMC web interface allows for detecting, analyzing and blocking malware in network traffic? A.intrusion and file events B.Cisco AMP for Endpoints C.Cisco AMP for Networks D.file policies Answer: C QUESTION 126 Which license type is required on Cisco ISE to integrate with Cisco FMC pxGrid? A.mobility C.base D.apex Answer: C QUESTION 127 A network engineer wants to add a third-party threat feed into the Cisco FMC for enhanced threat detection Which action should be taken to accomplish this goal? A.Enable Threat Intelligence Director using STIX and TAXII B.Enable Rapid Threat Containment using REST APIs C.Enable Threat Intelligence Director using REST APIs D.Enable Rapid Threat Containment using STIX and TAXII Answer: A QUESTION 128 What is a feature of Cisco AMP private cloud? A.It supports anonymized retrieval of threat intelligence B.It supports security intelligence filtering. C.It disables direct connections to the public cloud. D.It performs dynamic analysis Answer: C QUESTION 129 An engineer has been tasked with using Cisco FMC to determine if files being sent through the network are malware. Which two configuration tasks must be performed to achieve this file lookup? (Choose two.) A.The Cisco FMC needs to include a SSL decryption policy. B.The Cisco FMC needs to connect to the Cisco AMP for Endpoints service. C.The Cisco FMC needs to connect to the Cisco ThreatGrid service directly for sandboxing. D.The Cisco FMC needs to connect with the FireAMP Cloud. E.The Cisco FMC needs to include a file inspection policy for malware lookup. Answer: AE QUESTION 130 An organization is using a Cisco FTD and Cisco ISE to perform identity-based access controls. A network administrator is analyzing the Cisco FTD events and notices that unknown user traffic is being allowed through the firewall. How should this be addressed to block the traffic while allowing legitimate user traffic? A.Modify the Cisco ISE authorization policy to deny this access to the user. B.Modify Cisco ISE to send only legitimate usernames to the Cisco FTD. C.Add the unknown user in the Access Control Policy in Cisco FTD. D.Add the unknown user in the Malware & File Policy in Cisco FTD. Answer: C QUESTION 131 An engineer is restoring a Cisco FTD configuration from a remote backup using the command restore remote-manager-backup location admin /volume/home/admin on a Cisco FMG. After connecting to the repository, an error occurred that prevents the FTD device from accepting the backup file. What is the problem? A.The backup file is not in .cfg format. B.The backup file is too large for the Cisco FTD device C.The backup file extension was changed from tar to zip D.The backup file was not enabled prior to being applied Answer: C QUESTION 132 A network engineer is logged into the Cisco AMP for Endpoints console and sees a malicious verdict for an identified SHA-256 hash. Which configuration is needed to mitigate this threat? A.Add the hash to the simple custom deletion list. B.Use regular expressions to block the malicious file. C.Enable a personal firewall in the infected endpoint. D.Add the hash from the infected endpoint to the network block list. Answer: A QUESTION 133 A network engineer implements a new Cisco Firepower device on the network to take advantage of its intrusion detection functionality. There is a requirement to analyze the traffic going across the device, alert on any malicious traffic, and appear as a bump in the wire How should this be implemented? A.Specify the BVl IP address as the default gateway for connected devices. B.Enable routing on the Cisco Firepower C.Add an IP address to the physical Cisco Firepower interfaces. D.Configure a bridge group in transparent mode. Answer: D QUESTION 134 An organization has a Cisco IPS running in inline mode and is inspecting traffic for malicious activity. When traffic is received by the Cisco IRS, if it is not dropped, how does the traffic get to its destination? A.It is retransmitted from the Cisco IPS inline set. B.The packets are duplicated and a copy is sent to the destination. C.It is transmitted out of the Cisco IPS outside interface. D.It is routed back to the Cisco ASA interfaces for transmission. Answer: A QUESTION 135 A network administrator is concerned about the high number of malware files affecting users' machines. What must be done within the access control policy in Cisco FMC to address this concern? A.Create an intrusion policy and set the access control policy to block. B.Create an intrusion policy and set the access control policy to allow. C.Create a file policy and set the access control policy to allow. D.Create a file policy and set the access control policy to block. Answer: C QUESTION 136 An engineer is investigating connectivity problems on Cisco Firepower that is using service group tags. Specific devices are not being tagged correctly, which is preventing clients from using the proper policies when going through the firewall How is this issue resolved? A.Use traceroute with advanced options. B.Use Wireshark with an IP subnet filter. C.Use a packet capture with match criteria. D.Use a packet sniffer with correct filtering Answer: C 2022 Latest Braindump2go 300-710 PDF and 300-710 VCE Dumps Free Share:
MS-720 Zertifizierung, MS-720 Prüfungsfragen bietet die neuesten deutschen Prüfungsfragen und Antworten mit Lösungen zur Vorbereitung auf die Microsoft Prüfung MS-720 deutsch(Microsoft Teams Voice Engineer). Falls Sie die Zertifizierungsprüfung doch nicht bestehen, können Sie die Geld-zurück-Garantie nutzen. Die Prüfungssoftware von der Microsoft Microsoft 365 Prüfung MS-720, mit der Sie die Prüfung selbst simulieren, wird von unseren IT-Experten aus dem Prüfungszentrum wie PROMETRIC oder VUE verfasst, deswegen können wir Ihnen 100% Erfolgsgarantie geben. Microsoft Microsoft 365 MS-720 Prüfungsfragen Prüfungsunterlagen Info zu dieser Prüfungsvorbereitung MS-720 it-pruefungen .de Prüfungsnummer:MS-720 Prüfungsname:Microsoft Teams Voice Engineer Anzahl:118 Prüfungsfragen mit Lösungen Unsere Prüfungsunterlagen zu der Microsoft IT-Prüfung MS-720 Zertifizierung enthalten alle originalen Testfragen. Die Abdeckungsrate unserer Fragenkataloge (Fragen und Antworten mit Lösungen) zur MS-720 Prüfung ist normalerweise mehr als 99%. 5 Gründe für die Microsoft Prüfung MS-720 1. Bessere Verdienstmöglichkeiten. Untersuchungen haben gezeigt, dass zertifizierte Fachleute häufig mehr verdienen als ihre Kollegen ohne Zertifizierung MS-720. 2. Wettbewerbsvorteil gegenüber anderen in der Branche. Durch den Nachweis Ihrer Fähigkeiten und Kenntnisse können Sie sich von der Masse abheben.. 3. Bessere Marktfähigkeit. Personalverantwortliche entscheiden sich häufig für Kandidaten, die ihr Fachwissen und ihre Fähigkeiten mit einer Zertifizierung nachweisen können.. 4. Bessere Aufstiegschancen. In der schnellen, dynamischen Welt von heute lohnt es sich, etwas für das berufliche Weiterkommen zu tun. Angesichts des Fachkräftemangels in vielen Branchen haben Sie mit einer Microsoft MS-720 Zertifizierung mehr Kontrolle über Ihren eigenen Werdegang und damit bessere Aufstiegschancen. 5. Auf dem Laufenden und im Gespräch bleiben. Mit einer aktuellen Microsoft MS-720 Zertifizierung in Ihrer Branche zeigen Sie Initiative und sind anderen um einen wichtigen Schritt voraus. Wir <> bieten Übungsexamen zur Vorbereitung auf Ihre IT-Zertifizierungs-prüfung. Die Prüfungsfragen zur Prüfungsvorbereitung auf Microsoft Microsoft 365 Prüfung MS-720 deutsch(Microsoft Teams Voice Engineer )bei it-pruefungen sind aktuell und original.
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QUESTION 36 Which description of synchronous calls to an API is true? A.They can be used only within single-threaded processes. B.They pause execution and wait for the response. C.They always successfully return within a fixed time. D.They can be used only for small requests. Answer: B QUESTION 37 Refer to the exhibit. What does the response from the API contain when this code is executed? A.error message and status code of 403 B.newly created domains in Cisco Umbrella Investigate C.updated domains in Cisco Umbrella Investigate D.status and security details for the domains Answer: D QUESTION 38 Refer to the exhibit. A security engineer attempts to query the Cisco Security Management appliance to retrieve details of a specific message. What must be added to the script to achieve the desired result? A.Add message ID information to the URL string as a URI. B.Run the script and parse through the returned data to find the desired message. C.Add message ID information to the URL string as a parameter. D.Add message ID information to the headers. Answer: C QUESTION 39 Refer to the exhibit. A network operator must generate a daily flow report and learn how to act on or manipulate returned data. When the operator runs the script, it returns an enormous amount of information. Which two actions enable the operator to limit returned data? (Choose two.) A.Add recordLimit. followed by an integer (key:value) to the flow_data. B.Add a for loop at the end of the script, and print each key value pair separately. C.Add flowLimit, followed by an integer (key:value) to the flow_data. D.Change the startDateTime and endDateTime values to include smaller time intervals. E.Change the startDate and endDate values to include smaller date intervals. Answer: AB QUESTION 40 Refer to the exhibit. Which expression prints the text "802.1x"? A.print(quiz[0]['choices']['b']) B.print(quiz['choices']['b']) C.print(quiz[0]['choices']['b']['802.1x']) D.print(quiz[0]['question']['choices']['b']) Answer: A QUESTION 41 What are two advantages of Python virtual environments? (Choose two.) A.Virtual environments can move compiled modules between different platforms. B.Virtual environments permit non-administrative users to install packages. C.The application code is run in an environment that is destroyed upon exit. D.Virtual environments allow for stateful high availability. E.Virtual environments prevent packaging conflicts between multiple Python projects. Answer: CE QUESTION 42 When the URI "/api/fmc_config/v1/domain/e276abec-e0f2-11e3-8169-6d9ed49b625f/policy/accesspolicies" is used to make a POST request, what does "e276abec-e0f2-11e3-8169-6d9ed49b625f" represent? A.API token B.domain UUID C.access policy UUID D.object UUID Answer: B QUESTION 44 Which Cisco AMP file disposition valid? A.pristine B.malware C.dirty D.nonmalicios Answer: B QUESTION 45 In Cisco AMP for Endpoints, which API queues to find the list of endpoints in the group "Finance Hosts," which has a GUID of 6c3c2005-4c74-4ba7-8dbb- c4d5b6bafe03? A.[]=6c3c2005-4c74-4ba7-8dbb-c4d5b6bafe03 B.[]=6c3c2005-4c74-4ba7-8dbb-c4d5b6bafe03 C. D. Answer: B QUESTION 46 For which two programming languages does Cisco offer an SDK for Cisco pxGrid 1.0? (Choose two.) A.Python B.Perl C.Java D.C E.JavaScript Answer: CD QUESTION 47 Which two URI parameters are needed for the Cisco Stealthwatch Top Alarm Host v1 API? (Choose two.) A.startAbsolute B.externalGeos C.tenantId D.intervalLength E.tagID Answer: CE QUESTION 48 Refer to the exhibit. Which URL returned the data? A. B. C. D. Answer: A QUESTION 49 After changes are made to the Cisco Firepower Threat Defense configuration using the Cisco Firepower Device Manager API, what must be done to ensure that the new policy is activated? A.Submit a POST to the /api/fdm/latest/operational/deploy URI. B.Submit a GET to the /api/fdm/latest/operational/deploy URI. C.Submit a PUT to the /api/fdm/latest/devicesettings/pushpolicy URI. D.Submit a POST to the /api/fdm/latest/devicesettings/pushpolicy URI. Answer: A QUESTION 50 Refer to the exhibit. A Python function named "query" has been developed and the goal is to use it to query the service "" via Cisco pxGrid 2.0 APIs. How is the function called, if the goal is to identify the sessions that are associated with the IP address A.query(config, secret, "getSessionByIpAddress/", "ipAddress") B.query(config, "", url, payload) C.query(config, secret, url, "") D.query(config, secret, url, '{"ipAddress": ""}') Answer: D QUESTION 51 Which API is used to query if the domain "" has been flagged as malicious by the Cisco Security Labs team? A. B. C. D. Answer: B QUESTION 53 Which request searches for a process window in Cisco ThreatGRID that contains the word "secret"? A./api/v2/search/submissions?term=processwindow&title=secret B./api/v2/search/submissions?term=processwindow&q=secret C./api/v2/search/submissions?term=window&title=secret D./api/v2/search/submissions?term=process&q=secret Answer: D QUESTION 54 Refer to the exhibit. A network operator wrote a Python script to retrieve events from Cisco AMP. Against which API gateway must the operator make the request? A.BASE_URL = "" B.BASE_URL = "" C.BASE_URL = "" D.BASE_URL = "" Answer: A QUESTION 56 What is the purpose of the snapshot APIs exposed by Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud? A.Report on flow data during a customizable time period. B.Operate and return alerts discovered from infrastructure observations. C.Return current configuration data of Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud infrastructure. D.Create snapshots of supported Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud infrastructure. Answer: B QUESTION 57 Refer to the exhibit. What is the purpose of the API represented by this URL? A.Getting or setting intrusion policies in FMC B.Creating an intrusion policy in FDM C.Updating access policies D.Getting the list of intrusion policies configured in FDM Answer: D QUESTION 58 Which query parameter is required when using the reporting API of Cisco Security Management Appliances? A.device_type B.query_type C.filterValue D.startDate + endDate Answer: D QUESTION 59 Which step is required by Cisco pxGrid providers to expose functionality to consumer applications that are written in Python? A.Look up the existing service using the /pxgrid/control/ServiceLookup endpoint. B.Register the service using the /pxgrid/control/ServiceRegister endpoint. C.Configure the service using the /pxgrid/ise/config/profiler endpoint. D.Expose the service using the /pxgrid/ise/pubsub endpoint. Answer: D 2023 Latest Braindump2go 300-735 PDF and 300-735 VCE Dumps Free Share:
What is Uber Clone App
An Uber clone app is a ride-hailing software solution that replicates the functionalities and features of the popular ride-hailing app, Uber. It is a ready-made solution that allows entrepreneurs and businesses to launch their own ride-hailing service in a quick and cost-effective manner. The Uber clone app includes a range of features that are crucial for a ride-hailing service, such as: User-friendly app: The app is designed with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to book rides, truck drivers, and make payments. GPS tracking: The app is equipped with GPS tracking capabilities that allow users to track the location of their ride in real time. Driver and passenger profiles: The app allows for the creation of driver and passenger profiles, which include information such as contact details, ratings, and ride history. In-app payments: The app provides in-app payment options, including the ability to pay for rides using credit or debit cards, mobile wallets, or other payment methods. Rating system: The app includes a rating system that allows passengers to rate their drivers, and vice versa, which helps to build trust and accountability in the ride-hailing community. Push notifications: The app sends push notifications to keep users updated on the status of their ride, such as when their driver is en route or has arrived at their location. In conclusion, an Uber clone app is a comprehensive software solution that provides everything needed to launch a ride-hailing service. To know more about it visit
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QUESTION 45 Which feature allows the ASA to handle nonstandard applications and web resources so that they display correctly over a clientless SSL VPN connection? A.single sign-on B.Smart Tunnel C.WebType ACL D.plug-ins Answer: B QUESTION 46 Which command automatically initiates a smart tunnel when a user logs in to the WebVPN portal page? Answer: C QUESTION 48 Refer to the exhibit. Which two commands under the tunnel-group webvpn-attributes result in a Cisco AnyConnect user receiving the AnyConnect prompt in the exhibit? (Choose two.) enable General internal C.authentication aaa D.authentication certificate General enable Answer: CE QUESTION 49 Which two statements are true when designing a SSL VPN solution using Cisco AnyConnect? (Choose two.) A.The VPN server must have a self-signed certificate. B.A SSL group pre-shared key must be configured on the server. C.Server side certificate is optional if using AAA for client authentication. D.The VPN IP address pool can overlap with the rest of the LAN networks. E.DTLS can be enabled for better performance. Answer: DE QUESTION 50 An engineer is configuring IPsec VPN and wants to choose an authentication protocol that is reliable and supports ACK and sequence. Which protocol accomplishes this goal? A.IKEv1 B.AES-192 C.ESP D.AES-256 Answer: C QUESTION 51 Refer to the exhibit. What is the problem with the IKEv2 site-to-site VPN tunnel? A.incorrect PSK B.crypto access list mismatch C.incorrect tunnel group D.crypto policy mismatch E.incorrect certificate Answer: B QUESTION 52 Which requirement is needed to use local authentication for Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Clients that connect to a FlexVPN server? A.use of certificates instead of username and password B.EAP-AnyConnect C.EAP query-identity D.AnyConnect profile Answer: D QUESTION 53 Which IKE identity does an IOS/IOS-XE headend expect to receive if an IPsec Cisco AnyConnect client uses default settings? A.*$SecureMobilityClient$* B.*$AnyConnectClient$* C.*$RemoteAccessVpnClient$* D.*$DfltlkeldentityS* Answer: B QUESTION 54 Refer to the exhibit. Which VPN technology is allowed for users connecting to the Employee tunnel group? A.SSL AnyConnect B.IKEv2 AnyConnect C.crypto map D.clientless Answer: D QUESTION 55 Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is troubleshooting a new GRE over IPsec tunnel. The tunnel is established but the engineer cannot ping from spoke 1 to spoke 2. Which type of traffic is being blocked? A.ESP packets from spoke2 to spoke1 B.ISAKMP packets from spoke2 to spoke1 C.ESP packets from spoke1 to spoke2 D.ISAKMP packets from spoke1 to spoke2 Answer: A QUESTION 56 Which command is used to troubleshoot an IPv6 FlexVPN spoke-to-hub connectivity failure? crypto ikev2 sa crypto isakmp sa crypto gkm crypto identity Answer: A QUESTION 57 In a FlexVPN deployment, the spokes successfully connect to the hub, but spoke-to-spoke tunnels do not form. Which troubleshooting step solves the issue? A.Verify the spoke configuration to check if the NHRP redirect is enabled. B.Verify that the spoke receives redirect messages and sends resolution requests. C.Verify the hub configuration to check if the NHRP shortcut is enabled. D.Verify that the tunnel interface is contained within a VRF. Answer: B QUESTION 58 An engineer is troubleshooting a new DMVPN setup on a Cisco IOS router. After the show crypto isakmp sa command is issued, a response is returned of "MM_NO_STATE." Why does this failure occur? A.The ISAKMP policy priority values are invalid. B.ESP traffic is being dropped. C.The Phase 1 policy does not match on both devices. D.Tunnel protection is not applied to the DMVPN tunnel. Answer: C QUESTION 59 What are two variables for configuring clientless SSL VPN single sign-on? (Choose two.) A.CSCO_WEBVPN_OTP_PASSWORD B.CSCO_WEBVPN_INTERNAL_PASSWORD C.CSCO_WEBVPN_USERNAME D.CSCO_WEBVPN_RADIUS_USER Answer: BC QUESTION 60 Which two NHRP functions are specific to DMVPN Phase 3 implementation? (Choose two.) A.registration request B.registration reply C.resolution request D.resolution reply E.redirect Answer: DE QUESTION 61 Refer to the exhibit. The customer can establish a Cisco AnyConnect connection without using an XML profile. When the host "ikev2" is selected in the AnyConnect drop down, the connection fails. What is the cause of this issue? A.The HostName is incorrect. B.The IP address is incorrect. C.Primary protocol should be SSL. D.UserGroup must match connection profile. Answer: D QUESTION 62 Refer to the exhibit. A site-to-site tunnel between two sites is not coming up. Based on the debugs, what is the cause of this issue? A.An authentication failure occurs on the remote peer. B.A certificate fragmentation issue occurs between both sides. C.UDP 4500 traffic from the peer does not reach the router. D.An authentication failure occurs on the router. Answer: C QUESTION 63 Refer to the exhibit. Based on the debug output, which type of mismatch is preventing the VPN from coming up? A.interesting traffic B.lifetime C.preshared key D.PFS Answer: A Explanation: TS unacceptable: The IPsec SA setup has failed due to a mismatch in the policy rule definition between the gateways for the tunnel configuration. Check the local and remote network configuration on both gateways. QUESTION 64 Refer to the exhibit. The IKEv2 site-to-site VPN tunnel between two routers is down. Based on the debug output, which type of mismatch is the problem? A.preshared key B.peer identity C.transform set D.ikev2 proposal Answer: B QUESTION 65 Refer to the exhibit. Which type of mismatch is causing the problem with the IPsec VPN tunnel? A.crypto access list B.Phase 1 policy C.transform set D.preshared key Answer: D QUESTION 66 Refer to the exhibit. What is a result of this configuration? A.Spoke 1 fails the authentication because the authentication methods are incorrect. B.Spoke 2 passes the authentication to the hub and successfully proceeds to phase 2. C.Spoke 2 fails the authentication because the remote authentication method is incorrect. D.Spoke 1 passes the authentication to the hub and successfully proceeds to phase 2. Answer: A QUESTION 67 Which two cryptographic technologies are recommended for use with FlexVPN? (Choose two.) A.SHA (HMAC variant) B.Diffie-Hellman C.DES D.MD5 (HMAC variant) Answer: AB QUESTION 68 Refer to the exhibit. An administrator had the above configuration working with SSL protocol, but as soon as the administrator specified IPsec as the primary protocol, the Cisco AnyConnect client was not able to connect. What is the problem? A.IPsec will not work in conjunction with a group URL. B.The Cisco AnyConnect implementation does not allow the two group URLs to be the same. SSL does allow this. C.If you specify the primary protocol as IPsec, the User Group must be the exact name of the connection profile (tunnel group). D.A new XML profile should be created instead of modifying the existing profile, so that the clients force the update. Answer: C QUESTION 69 Refer to the exhibit. Client 1 cannot communicate with client 2. Both clients are using Cisco AnyConnect and have established a successful SSL VPN connection to the hub ASA. Which command on the ASA is missing? A.dns-server value B.same-security-traffic permit intra-interface C.same-security-traffic permit inter-interface D.dns-server value Answer: B QUESTION 70 Refer to the exhibit. An SSL client is connecting to an ASA headend. The session fails with the message "Connection attempt has timed out. Please verify Internet connectivity." Based on how the packet is processed, which phase is causing the failure? A.phase 9: rpf-check B.phase 5: NAT C.phase 4: ACCESS-LIST D.phase 3: UN-NAT Answer: D QUESTION 71 Which redundancy protocol must be implemented for IPsec stateless failover to work? A.SSO B.GLBP C.HSRP D.VRRP Answer: C QUESTION 72 Which technology works with IPsec stateful failover? A.GLBR B.HSRP C.GRE D.VRRP Answer: B QUESTION 73 What are two functions of ECDH and ECDSA? (Choose two.) A.nonrepudiation B.revocation signature D.key exchange E.encryption Answer: CD QUESTION 74 What uses an Elliptic Curve key exchange algorithm? A.ECDSA B.ECDHE C.AES-GCM D.SHA Answer: B QUESTION 75 Which two remote access VPN solutions support SSL? (Choose two.) A.FlexVPN B.clientless C.EZVPN D.L2TP E.Cisco AnyConnect Answer: BE 2023 Latest Braindump2go 300-730 PDF and 300-730 VCE Dumps Free Share:
تیم تولید محتوا حرفه ای چه خصوصیاتی باید داشته باشد؟
همه تیم های بازاریابی محتوا یکسان ایجاد نمی شوند. برخی از بنیانگذاران انفرادی تشکیل شده اند، برخی دیگر شامل طیف گسترده ای از افراد و نقش ها هستند. امروز، ما به دنبال این هستیم که یک تیم محتوا بدون توجه به اندازه آن، همیشه باید چه نقش هایی را پوشش دهد. درست مانند تیم های پشت سر آن، همه تیم تولید محتوا حرفه ای نیز برابر ایجاد نمی شوند. تنظیم پایه ها با ایجاد نقش های روشن، سرمایه گذاری عالی برای ثابت نگه داشتن و مرتبط نگه داشتن چیزها در بلندمدت است. تولید محتوا به یاد داشته باشید، یک نقش لزوماً برابر با یک عضو تیم نیست. در صورت اجرای سئو محتوا یک عملیات کوچک، یک نفر می‌تواند کفش‌های متفاوتی را بپوشاند (به شرطی که بداند چطور). از هر ده بار، 9 بار، استارت آپ ها و برندهای جدید نقش مشخصی برای تیم تولید محتوا حرفه ای خود تعیین نمی کنند، که منجر به تلاش بنیانگذاران برای محتوا می شود و قطعات به شدت ضعیف عمل می کنند. می توان (و باید) با اختصاص نقش های واضح به اعضای تیم از این امر جلوگیری کرد. هنگامی که انجام دادید، به آنها بچسبید. مسئولیت ایجاد تیم تولید محتوا حرفه ای را به دیگران بسپارید و آنها شما را با چیزهایی شگفت زده خواهند کرد که هرگز نمی توانستید خودتان تولید کنید. یا ... همه چیز را به تنهایی انجام دهید! فقط مطمئن شوید که از قبل مشخص کنید چه کسی چه کاری انجام می دهد. شش نقشی که تیم محتوای شما نمی تواند بدون آنها انجام دهد تولید محتوا (و بازاریابی) یک فرآیند است. اگر نقش‌هایی را که مرتبط با فرآیند هستند تعریف نکنید، نمی‌توانید آن را به طور مداوم انجام دهید. به همین دلیل، امروز، ما شش نقشی را که تیم تولید محتوا حرفه ای شما نمی‌تواند بدون آن‌ها انجام دهد، به شما معرفی می‌کنیم. اینجا اند: 1. مدیر ارشد محتوا بله، این یک چیز است. و بله، مهم است (بقدری که موسسه بازاریابی محتوا یک نشریه کامل را بر اساس آن ایجاد کرد). به عنوان مثال آن هندلی را از MarketingProfs در نظر بگیرید. حرفه او چیزی جز الهام بخش نیست، و روشی که او دنبال کننده های خود را در توییتر یا لینکدین درگیر می کند، اغلب چشم ها را برای بازاریابان محتوا و سازندگان به طور یکسان باز می کند. خوب، اما مدیر ارشد محتوا (CCO) دقیقاً چیست؟ به بیان ساده، این شخص است که کل استراتژی بازاریابی محتوا را نادیده می گیرد، که با انتخاب موضوع، همسویی اهداف تجاری و بازاریابی و اولویت بندی محتوا شروع می شود. این نقش مسئولیت بزرگی را بر عهده دارد و تنها در صورتی باید از آن خارج شود که در تلاش‌های بازاریابی تیم تولید محتوا حرفه ای خود جدی باشید. مهارت های مدیر ارشد محتوا عبارتند از: دانش کامل در مورد فرآیند محتوا. CCO ها می توانند شخصاً محتوا بنویسند، طراحی یا ویرایش کنند. اگر بخش‌های مهم‌تری از استراتژی محتوا داشته باشند، همیشه این کار را انجام نمی‌دهند، اما در نوع خود حداقل نویسندگان ماهری هستند. CCO ها رویاپردازان بازاریابی هستند. آنها یک محصول/خدمت را انتخاب می کنند و نقطه ها تیم تولید محتوا حرفه ای را بین آنچه که مخاطب می خواهد مصرف کند و نحوه درک خریدار از پیشنهاد شما در درازمدت به هم متصل می کنند. یک CCO باید مهارت های تحلیلی بالایی داشته باشد، اما در بازاریابی نیز مهارت طبیعی داشته باشد. آنها باید پیشینه تحصیلی قوی در بازاریابی یا حداقل اشتیاق ذاتی به آن داشته باشند. مهارت های تولید محتوا سازمانی قوی برای CCO لازم است تا کار خود را به طور موثر انجام دهد. تیم تولید محتوا حرفه ای این یعنی همه چیز از مدیریت پروژه گرفته تا تفویض اختیار و مدیریت وظایف. آنها نه تنها درک گسترده ای از طیف محتوا دارند، بلکه می توانند خود کل فرآیند را نیز مدیریت کنند. مسئولیت های مدیر ارشد محتوا عبارتند از: اتصال نقاط بین فروش و بازاریابی. CCOها از ارائه یک محصول یا خدمات به سمت عقب حرکت می کنند و به ده ها یا صدها محتوای مرتبط با آن پیشنهاد منشعب می شوند. تعیین اهداف بازاریابی سه ماهه و هوشمند که به شدت با اهداف تجاری مرتبط است. این به آن‌ها اجازه می‌دهد تا استراتژی محتوا را دقیقاً مطابق با نیازهای کسب‌وکار برآورده کنند و بر اساس آن محتوا را اولویت‌بندی کنند. اطمینان از ثبات لحن برند و اجرای دستورالعمل ها در تمام کانال های بازاریابی. تیم تولید محتوا حرفه ای یک CCO باید با نظارت دقیق بر محتوای تولید شده در کانال های مختلف از هویت یک برند محافظت کند. در موضوعات پرطرفدار که پتانسیل تأثیرگذاری تصاعدی بر دارایی‌های تجاری و بازاریابی را دارند، به جای تمرکز بر خرده‌گیری، پیمایش و اجرا کنید. این به طور موثر در فرمول بازاریابی 10 برابری که توسط بنیانگذار CoSchedule، Garrett Moon ارائه شده است، توضیح داده شده است. مستقیماً با مدیران محتوا ارتباط برقرار کنید تا اطمینان حاصل کنید که استراتژی در طول مراحل مختلف خط لوله محتوا سازگار است. مدیر ارشد محتوا نقش بزرگ و ترسناکی به نظر می رسد. نه. این در واقع 'آسان ترین' نقش برای ورود به آن است زیرا نشان دهنده شالوده و موفقیت نهایی استراتژی بازاریابی محتوای شما است. یک CCO می تواند هر کسی باشد: مدیر عامل، مدیر ارشد اجرایی، بنیانگذار، هم بنیانگذار، دوست، یک کارآفرین. شما به آن می گویید. فقط یک شرط کلیدی برای آنها وجود دارد که واقعاً این عنوان را داشته باشند: بازاریابی محتوای زنده و نفس. مهارت های یک مدیر محتوا عبارتند از: بسیار سازماندهی شده آنها درک قوی از نحوه مدیریت زمان و نحوه واگذاری تیم تولید محتوا حرفه ای کارها به طور موثر دارند. آنها قبل از هر چیز بازاریاب هستند و بر محتوای تولید شده نظارت می کنند و موفقیت آن را در مقایسه با اهداف بازاریابی تضمین می کنند. شعبده بازان نرم افزار صفحه گسترده، مدیران محتوا می توانند یک Google Sheet را به یک مرکز داده بسیار بصری و سازماندهی شده تبدیل کنند که داستانی را روایت می کند (در رتبه Koala، ما ترجیح می دهیم از Airtable برای این کار استفاده کنیم). می تواند با مردم همدردی کند و بفهمد که چگونه با سناریوهای خاص مرتبط با ناکارآمدی یا عدم بهره وری مقابله کند. می داند که چگونه مدل ها، نقشه های ذهنی، نمودارها و سایر تجسم های مهم را برای مراجعه به CCO بسازد. همچنین درباره نرم‌افزار بازاریابی و مدل‌های انتساب می‌داند تا به شما کمک کند چه چیزی تیم تولید محتوا حرفه ای بیشترین کسب‌وکار را به همراه داشته است. آنها درجاتی از دانش در تمام زمینه های تولید محتوایی که مدیریت می کنند دارند، اما لزوماً نمی دانند که چگونه وظایف خاصی مانند طراحی گرافیک یا کپی رایتینگ را انجام دهند. مسئولیت های یک مدیر محتوا عبارتند از: تحقیق فعال درباره موضوعات، موضوعات فرعی و کلمات کلیدی و به روز رسانی استراتژی بازاریابی محتوا بر اساس آن. این کار معمولاً از طریق ابزار کلمه کلیدی مانند Ahrefs (پرداخت شده) یا Ubersuggest (رایگان) انجام می شود. اعتبارسنجی مناسب بودن بازار برای موضوعات و کلمات کلیدی مرتبط با کسب و کار و تولید ایده های محتوایی پیرامون آنها. ایجاد طرح‌های مدولار واضح و مختصر که به راحتی جدا می‌شوند و به مدیر تیم تولید محتوا حرفه ای اجازه می‌دهند وظایف مختلفی را به افراد مختلف به طور همزمان اختصاص دهند. در اینجا طرح کلی برای پست وبلاگی که در حال خواندن آن هستید آماده کرده ایم (فایل فقط برای مشاهده سندنگار Google). واگذاری وظایف به سایر افراد در تیم و نظارت بر بهره وری آنها با ردیابی زمان و ابزارهای مدیریتی مانند Timecamp. نظارت دقیق بر هر مرحله از خط لوله تولید محتوا و اعمال اصلاحات بر اساس دستورالعمل های مدیریت. لطفاً توجه داشته باشید که طرح کلی پیش نویس نهایی نیست. این متنی نیست که در پست یا مقاله نهایی وبلاگ استفاده می شود، بلکه خلاصه ای سریع از تمام مواردی است که باید در قسمت محتوا پوشش داده شود. تیم تولید محتوا حرفه ای این بدان معنی است که نیازی نیست که زیبا یا فوق العاده خوب نوشته شود، بلکه باید واضح، مختصر و ساختارمند باشد. این مسئولیت مدیر محتوا است که این کار را برای هر قسمت از محتوا انجام دهد. 3. نویسنده محتوا این یکی از سنتی‌ترین نقش‌ها در بازاریابی محتوا است، و همچنین یکی از تیم تولید محتوا حرفه ای اشتباه‌ترین نقش‌هاست. یک نویسنده محتوا، هدف اصلی و نهایی استراتژی بازاریابی محتوای شما نیست. مسئولیت اصلی آنها تحقیق در مورد منابع مرتبط و نوشتن یک محتوای شگفت انگیز بر اساس دستورالعمل های نوشتن برند شما و طرح کلی شما است. بله، آنها باید دانش اولیه سئو را داشته باشند. بله، آنها احتمالاً می دانند چگونه تحقیق کلمات کلیدی خود را انجام دهند. و بله، آن‌ها می‌توانند به بازاریاب‌های محتوا تبدیل شوند، اما این مسئولیت آنها به عنوان نویسنده نیست. از آنجایی که این نقش بسیار مهمی در خط لوله محتوا است (فاکتور تعامل را تعریف می کند)، آن را با نقش جک از همه معاملات اشتباه نگیرید. این CCO است. اگر کمی با این نقش گیج شده اید، به شخصی مانند فلیسیتی وایلد نگاه کنید. او یک کپی‌رایتر در سطح جهانی از اسکاتلند است، و همچنین به تولید محتوا نیز می‌پردازد. نمایه او نمونه ای عالی از چیزی است که یک نویسنده مدرن کپی و محتوا باید روی آن تمرکز کند. مهارت های یک محتوا نویس عبارتند از: قابلیت های تحقیقاتی پیشرفته یک نویسنده فقط نمی نویسد؛ آنها زمینه آنچه نوشته شده را درک می کنند. این بدان معناست که آنها ابتدا بر اساس طرح کلی درباره موضوع تحقیق می کنند، تیم تولید محتوا حرفه ای به دنبال منابع مربوطه می گردند که قابل اعتماد هستند، خود را مطلع می کنند، یادداشت برداری می کنند و در نهایت با نوشتن یک پیش نویس صیقلی از مقاله، به موضوع اشاره می کنند. استعداد ذاتی برای نوشتن و روی کاغذ آوردن چیزها. بله کاغذ شما باید انتظار توانایی های طوفان فکری، رفتار «تحقیقی» و اشتیاق به نوشتن همه چیز را داشته باشید. نویسندگان مهمترین بخش انتقال پیام برند تیم تولید محتوا حرفه ای به مخاطبان شما هستند! داستان نویسی و نوشتن عالی. وظیفه اصلی یک نویسنده محتوا حفظ توجه کاربر است. این کار به روش های مختلف انجام می شود، اما تقریباً همیشه محصول فرعی داستان سرایی است. ماموریت برند شما خط پایه است. سپس نویسنده داستانی را بر اساس ماموریت شما و موضوع داده شده می سازد. توانایی قوی برای جذب مخاطبان خاص. هنگام استخدام یک نویسنده محتوا، تیم تولید محتوا حرفه ای باید انتظار داشته باشید که هم تخصص در حوزه کاری خود داشته باشید و هم مجموعه ای سالم از محتوای مرتبط با جایگاه خود. توانایی درگیر کردن مخاطبان خاص چیزی است که نویسندگان محتوا را متمایز می کند و به آنها کمک می کند فاصله بین اهداف تعیین شده توسط CCO و خوانندگان شما را پر کنند. مسئولیت های یک محتوانویس عبارتند از: تحقیق در مورد منابع مناسب و ارائه هایپرلینک ها با قرار دادن تیم تولید محتوا حرفه ای مستقیم آنها در نوشته آنها (به راحتی با هر پردازشگر کلمه انجام می شود). قالب‌بندی تولید محتوا به گونه‌ای که شامل سرفصل‌ها، سرفصل‌ها، پاراگراف‌ها با فاصله مناسب، فهرست‌های شماره‌دار و نامرتب و غیره باشد. ارائه نوشته ای عالی که کاربر را از ابتدا تا انتها درگیر می کند و او را به اقدام برای هدف مشخص شده در طرح هدایت می کند. لطفاً توجه داشته باشید که نویسندگان محتوا لزوماً کپی رایتر نیستند. آنها می توانند هر دو باشند (ما در Koala Rank توصیه می کنیم فردی را پیدا کنید که درجاتی از تجربه در هر دو شاخه داشته باشد)، اما این نقش انعطاف پذیر است که بسته به نیازها و مقیاس سازمان و تجارتی که با آن کار می کنند می تواند تغییر کند. نکته جانبی: نویسندگان تولید محتوا معمولاً به عنوان کارمندان آزاد یا قراردادی استخدام می شوند. این کاملاً خوب است و در محدوده نقش های تیمی شما کار می کند.