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Life of educators during Covid-19 Advice to other educators to overcome Covid Pandemic

The sudden outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic left all of us in a state of shock and worries. With the lockdown imposed worldwide, all the schools, colleges and other educational institutions came to a halt. However, in order to keep the education running for the students, the government announced to conduct online teaching.

Through this article, I would like to share the situation of educators during the covid-19 pandemic and some advice on how they can overcome this.

Life of Educators during the covid-19 pandemic

While the situation of learners was disrupted in this pandemic so was for the teachers. I would like to put special emphasis on the teachers that faced many challenges while conducting their online classes below:

1) I observed that teachers could not conduct online classes efficiently due to a lack of technical knowledge. Well, who thought that a pandemic is on its way and that teachers should possess technical knowledge for conducting their classes?

Teachers have the practice of teaching with blackboards and chalks over the years. However, due to online teaching, teachers faced a lot of difficulties to overcome this challenge. Very few schools and colleges provided technical training to the teachers to conduct their online sessions.

2) The next set of difficulty which I would like to share is that teachers felt the absence of social interaction. They wanted to meet their learners and teach them face to face as an online class can be overwhelming sometimes.

Teachers could see their students on an online teaching platform and social learning network but that’s not enough to conduct a successful online class. Students tend to show less interest in an online approach and did not attend their classes resulting in a low attendance rate.

3) The next aspect which I would like to focus is on the technical glitches and unavailability of digital mediums. An online class requires a stable internet connection and a device such as a laptop or desktop. While many teachers were able to arrange these, students either could not afford this or faced other problems arranging the required resources.

This caused a lot of hindrance during the online class. Also, network issues and poor connectivity is some of the other issues that were faced during the class.

4) Many teachers also mentioned that they could not judge their student’s reactions. In a traditional approach, teachers could see the face of students to understand whether they are clear with the concepts or not. While in an online approach it became difficult to pay attention to each student.

The learning pace and the ability to express is different for each student. Here while conducting online teaching, teachers were unable to understand their student’s reactions and expressions.

5) Last but not least, I would like to share the financial loss that these teachers faced during the pandemic. The unemployment rate in our country has gone high this year. Many schools and colleges have fired their faculties or enforced them to work for extra shifts while paying them only half their total income.

In such a time, teachers are either forced to work in these environments or they lost their jobs.

Every educator has seen their fair share of loss in this pandemic however I am sure you must have heard this well-known proverb, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”.

Educators need not worry as I will share the best practice for educator during pandemics. Refer to some of the proven practices below:

1. Check for all the technical requirements before conducting the online classes

Now I would suggest checking all the technical requirements like internet connection, the device used to conduct classes, lighting, network connection, etc. This will ensure that there are no technical glitches from your side and you can stay intact while teaching.

2. Rehearse Before the class

As we know that the online class can be overwhelming and teachers who are not used to teaching can get nervous. For this, I would advise teachers to rehearse before your online class. Sort out the topics that you intend to teach and practice teaching the students before the actual class begins.

3. Communicate clearly with your learners

This is one of the most useful tips that teachers should adopt to teach successfully. Try to communicate clearly with your learners and set reasonable expectations from them. For Example, you can simply walk them through the entire curriculum or inform them about the upcoming assignment. Do not put them in a state of dilemma as an online environment can be confusing at many times.

4. Keep your Online lectures short

The attention span of each student can vary depending on the information. However, I would suggest teachers to keep their videos as short as possible. Even if it is a recorded or live class, keep the video duration within an hour or less so that students can concentrate more and you can keep them engaged.

5. Tailor the course as per the learner

Different learners has different educational needs so you must tailor the educational content as per their convenience. Along with this, try to bring innovation to your class by adding various forms of content like videos, animation, graphics, etc. This is one of the important practices that will be useful even in life after covid.

6. Give Breaks at Regular intervals

Educators must give breaks to learners at constant intervals as they would need time to digest the information learned and to ask queries if any. To cool the atmosphere a little you can even talk to learners in the break time about the different topics apart from the educational concepts.

7. Give and take Feedbacks

Feedbacks are very essential when it comes to both teaching and learning. Teachers should give regular feedback to their students whereas asking the students for the same. This can contribute to conducting a good online class as both teachers and students are on the same level.

To conclude, I hope this article has helped educators understand the practices in conducting a great online class. Along with this, educators should also choose the best and reliable online teaching platform that enables them to make the most of their online classes. Good luck to all the online educators who are trying to get a hold of technology and establishing their online presence in this pandemic.
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