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Call me crazy, but I'm of the opinion that if you combine two great fishing rigs into one, you get an even better rig....right? So maybe this won't work in all cases, but a wacky rigged drop shot line can really pull some fish in if you can get the right balance of weight. Image #1 shows you the differences between traditional drop shot and wacky rigged drop shot rigging. The reason this setup can work well, particularly in open areas without too much grass or what not, is because it combines two great rigs. And since there are better rigs to use in weedy waters than drop shotting, so you might as well try the wacky out in the snag-free zones. First, the DS (drop-shot) rig ( puts the worm out in such a way that its one long worm wiggling for attention from stubborn fish. This usually gets bigger fish, since its a longer worm. Wacky rigging ( gives two shorter pieces. It usually gets higher quantity rather than higher quality. When you put these together, you're getting the best of both worlds! There's even some tournament fishers that'll double wacky rig it on a drop shot, giving 4 pieces of worm wiggling out there ready to be lunged at by all kinds of fish. The video on slide #2 by Mark Menendez can show you the DS wacky in action. Another great benefit of this is that wacky rigging while you DS will keep the line from twisting as much as it typically does--which can always be a problem. Remember when setting this hook to do it slowly at first, so the bass will bite down hard to keep its hard earned prize, and then you can reel it in after one hard sweeeeep and hook set!