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Sometimes called the Alabama or A-rig, other times called the umbrella rig, this rig has caused a lot of fuss in the fishing world. And many states even ban use of any umbrella rig, which has 3 or more lures or baits on it. Some love it for tournament fishing, where it can bring in good numbers, but in the hands of those who don't catch and release, it could really cut down on the number of bass. It's all in your opinion I guess. Regardless, it's a rigging that many claim to be effective for bass fishing, so I'll share the pros and cons that I see with you. Originally the umbrella rig was a saltwater rig and bass fishers got the idea from that. This thing is too hard to explain how it looks, so just check out images #2 and #3 to get an idea of this rig. See it? Yeah. It's a big one. How on earth does anyone cast these things effectively? You're gonna need heavy line, and a strong, long rod to be able to cast far and still control this jig. On each of the 'branches' you can put whatever jigging that you find works best for bass in your area (check out the rest of this collection for some tips). Basically, you're trying to make it look like a school of fish. This can be fished with a slow retrieval on the bottom, or a faster retrieve as soon as it hits the water. Also, fishing it along ledges, like any bass rig, will definitely pull some bites. In my opinion, this rigs are just too costly (with all your hooks and lures and weights and the rig itself, you might be upwards of $30) to be worth the tangles and difficulties. And it doesn't really outperform enough for an average fisher like me. I can see its appeal in tournament settings, but I just don't need it. Anyways, the rig, and the larger (13, 20, and more swimbait) rigs have been banned from the FLW and other tournaments, so I think they'll remain something to consider, but not use for me.
@fallingwater yea most states or waterways have rules about when big lures like this can be used, or if they can be used at all. it seems like this is a fad that's ended for now
@mcgraffy wow :( it seems its banned in quite a lot of states, though? hopefully this fad has passed
People actually fish with something this huge?! I don't know how you would cast it...I know you said its hard but to me it seems impossible. Isn't it kind of dangerous?
@mcgraffy me either, hahah. guess that means Alabama can just keep this rig
@happyrock pretty must just what I think. there are im sure some cases where this would be useful but I just cant find its use for me
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