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Know right now that casting this rig well is gonna take some practice. If you don't want that, you might as well look away already. The 3-way rig can be used with nearly any lure, and the set up looks like image #2 in its most basic form. Its basically a line, tied to a swivel, that then splits. One side holds the bait with a 4' to 6' leader (though you can adjust this) and the other holds a sinker 1' to 2' below. What this does is act a bit like a drop shot and pull the bait horizontally while keeping it off the bottom. Image #1 shows you a basic 3 way rig; image #2 shows another but with a live bait fish. The 3 way rig can snag, so if you're having a problem with this and losing lures because of it, try putting a lighter line between the swivel and the sinker so that if that gets snagged, you can get it to snap and hopefully recover your lure. Now, in addition to the 3way rig which is really just means of presentation, you've gotta put the right lure on there. Using a crankbait can do great--crankbaits are already great for catching bass, especially largemouth in the fall, so they're ideal to add to this rig. The appeal of the crankbait in the fall lies in two facts: bass are more aggressive, and the weeds are dying. This leaves baitfish more exposed, and bass ready to bite. The video on slide #3 will show you the benefits of using crankbait in the fall: big fish!
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by the looks of that video this really is ideal for big bass fishing. would it be as effective rigging this way in the summer when the waters are warmer than fall?