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If fishing two baits on one line isn't allowed in your area, this isn't the rig for you! If it is allowed, let's move on. The Miller rig is a bit like the drop-shot rig ( except you're going to be presenting two bait instead of one. Both of these baits will be close to the bottom. To set up this rig, put a barrel swivel on your main line. Attach a leader to that, and end it with a snap swivel and weight. In the lead space, make two overhand loop knots and each can have a snap and then attach your jigs! The pic on image #1 and #2 should help you out. To fish this Miller rig, you can either cast out and retrieve slowly along a drop off, or you can just drop it right of the boat and vertically bring it back up! Try throwing a miller rig at the end of a 3way rig or even use it with some Rapala minnows--you'll definitely be getting some bites! This rig is especially good when there stronger currents pushing your line away from where you wanna be. But remember that that extra weight is harder to cast, and harder on your back hah.
@happyrock pretty much. it can be helped to lift up off the bottom and also to show more than one lure so that fish will be attracted
This one isn't as scary as the alabama and I can actually see the use of multiple lures here. The goal is to keep it weighed down but not on the bottom, right?