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Hair Cruising All Five Mission Impossible
With every mission impossible film comes more action, more impossible missions and a fresh new 'do. So, if you followed along with the action series you'll notice Ethan Hunt's hair pattern. Mission Impossible 1 Short Buzz Cut Why it makes sense? It was built for endurance. Otherwise, he hair would be flying around and covering his eye when he's floating into the vault (slide to see video). Mission: Impossible II Long lob What's cooler than riding a motorcycle with a swift long hair? Also, keep an eye out for those luscious hair flips. It's definitely made for the runway. Proof? Take a look at the intro scene. No one can rock climb so elegantly and fashionably like Ethan Hunt. Mission Impossible 3 Short Hair Lots of intense fight scenes in this one and having short hair gives Ethan Hunt more speed and precision. He really doesn't have time to stop and flip his hair out of his face. This is why Owen Davian (Philip Seymour Hoffman) lost. Just kidding. But it makes sense, right? Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol Long Hair It's like combining all the previous haircut in one. Not too long and not too short. Cruise probably figured out scene that involve climbing and windy weather looks better with long hair. Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation Long Hair Wait. he broke the hair pattern. Why? Based on the trailer, here are FIVE hypothesis: 1. More motorcycle drifting. 2. Intense plane stunt. 3. Lots of wind involved. 4. Multiple jumping off the platform/building scenes. 5. And a Bruce Lee-inspired topless fight scene? What do you think?
Tom Cruising: A Life-Changing Experience
[Conversation takes place over black coffee and unfiltered cigarettes on July 28, 2015] So, uh, that new Mission Impossible movie comes out this weekend, you wanna check it out? Why not? You don't like Mission Impossible? You don't like America? Don't tell me you don't like America, bro! [laughs] Seriously though, you're not into Mission Impossible, or more importantly Tom Cruise? TC, Tommy Cruising, T-Times-C? I'm sorry, that last one didn't make any sense. No, but yeah, you have got to see this movie. Why? I'll tell you why. For his run. To watch TC run so goddamn hard. No, there's nothing wrong with me. I'm perfectly fine, man. I'm telling you, though, he's the best goddamn runner I have ever seen. Who? Usain who? Naw, dog, Cruise got him on this one. Have you ever seen the motherfucker run? Sometimes he doesn't even breathe. Sometimes, there are explosions are going off right behind him and other times he falls but gets back up and keeps running without taking a break. No I'm not insane. You're insane. There's something majestic about watching this man run. Did you know that he has a scene where he's running in almost every movie he's been in? Why? Because Hollywood knows that shit is boss, dude. There are only eight movies where he didn't run*, tell me that shit isn't awesome. You're wrong and I'm right and you have to deal with it. When's the last time you ran anywhere, homie? That's what I thought. You don't know what it means to actually run. You run from your problems, you run to exercise, but that ain't real. Tom Cruise and running? That's real. Cruise runs with purpose, with heart. You hardly have a heart. Always crying about something or other. Here's the thing, man. We're going to watch that movie. You are going to watch that movie. I am going to take you to watch that movie. Do you understand? You just got to see him run, alright? This is important to me. Things that are important to me should be important to you. You have got to trust me for once. You'll be in the theater, you'll see a scene of him running and you'll be astounded. It's not just about running with Tom Cruise. It's not. It's more than that. It's what I think about when I wake up and what I fall asleep dreaming about. When I can't get through something, if I'm struggling with my life, or whatever, you know what I think? You really want to know? WWTD. What Would Tom Do. And you know what he'd do? He'd run. He'd run so hard with so much confidence, nothing would stop him. And nothing will stop me. Do you get it, man? Do you understand? *That's probably, maybe false. He doesn't know the exact number. He pulled 8 out of his mental hat because the current date (of the conversation) ends with that digit.