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Hey @dillonk you should check this out! There is a photography exhibit currently on display at UCLA of Jim Payne's work. He specializes in portraits and has been taking pictures of people in there homes for many years. What's unique about this exhibit is that in order to see the photographs, you have to look into the binoculars hanging from the ceiling. Inside you get a 3-D portrait of an Angelino in their home. The photos looked incredibly real--like you were in the room with the person. It was awesome! Just thought I'd share since you're a photography buff yourself =)
@cityofkyle this looks like a very interesting exhibit! Wish we could see the photographs, but that's a little difficult haha considering the nature of the photos =)
Neato, I'd love to see this!
@cityofkyle YAY! I love people showing me contemporary photography that I haven't seen yet! This sounds like such an interesting process. His process with the binoculars is what I and other people in the art world would call 'transformative' to the photographic medium. Very cool, thank you for sharing :)
@dillonk as @gabyrich said, it was impossible for me to show you guys the photos because they were all in the binoculars lol
@peteryang292 Yeah me too! I thought there would be at least one image of what it looks like while looking through the binoculars.
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