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Rod action is how and where the rod flexes, and how long it takes to return back to its natural state. Rod action is something that is much easier to understand with visualization, so check out the video on Slide #1 to get an intro to rod action, as well as a little info about power (which I'll explain more thoroughly next week)! The video on Slide #2 will give you another explanation that's a lot briefer. To once again review the basic differences within rod action: Slow Action: Flexes from about 3/4 of the rod, takes more time to get back to natural, and is thus 'slow' Moderate Action: Anywhere between fast and slow. You can have moderate-slow or moderate-fast rods as well. Fast Action: Flexes only in upper one third of rod, returns to natural state quickly, and thus is 'fast'. There are also Extra Fast action rods. Now, understanding this aspect of a rod is important if you are looking to fish using a certain technique. As explained in the first video, different actions are more suited for different lures and jigs. So, as you decide what kind of fishing you want to do, and what kind of lures you want to invest in, what action you need in a rod should become clear. Next time, I'll talk about power more and it'll be a bit easier to make this decision!
@fallingwater they definitely do...hopefully I can get a helpful explanation about power up this week @mcgraffy I'd definitely agree, once someone gets used to that they can try some other actions
@happyrock cool :) looking forward to it!
I feel like most people are gonna find themsleves in the moderates at first. those seem to handle the widest range of lures and weights anyways
that video helped but I was still a bit confused hahah~~~ power and action seem to have a lot of overlap