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Ok, so I'll admit right from the start that this might not be the kind of trip you're into. It's not about cute and cuddly animals, but about checking out the insane migration, or spawning, of the Red Crabs of Christmas Island! Each year, millions of red crabs migrate at least 5 miles (a huge distance for a tiny crab!) across Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean in order to spawn in the sea. I've posted some clips from the documentary "Great Migrations" from National Geographic that documents the process that the crabs go through. Video #1 shows the journey, video #2 shows the crabs at night, video #3 shows the mating dance, and video #4 shows the INSANE 200 million baby crabs coming from the sea!! Because this is such a huge number of crabs that must overcome insane obstacles, Christmas Island, which is made up of 63% Australian National Park, helps make sure the crabs make it to the sea. I've included one more video that to me is the most shocking: it shows the "behind the scenes work" that the workers on Christmas Island do each year to aid the migration! Check out Slide #5 for this video. Would you want to go check out this migration? I'm not sure I would (video is enough for me! Please don't let one crawl on me....) But if you do, the best way to find out when to head to Christmas Island is by keeping up with their blog, linked above! Here, they do their best to predict when the migration will start, when the breeding will occur, and when the babies will emerge from the sea. To get to Christmas Island, you can fly in from Perth in Australia, the Cocos Islands, or Jarkata. Depending on where you're from, you might need a visa, but with the help of a visa service or travel agent this should be easy to acquire so that you, too, can see the Great Migration!
@mcgraffy hahah yeah me too!!
oh geez man these little buggers would creep me out a bit. not sure I'd travel that far to see them
@onesmile gah.... yucky it's like I can feel the crawling all over! Ah!!
@sjeanyoon I hadn't been imagining them crawling on me too much, but now I am....eek!!! ><
@onesmile Saw this on the Discovery Channel. I get itchy every time I see the baby crabs.
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