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Child of Light PC game is a fantastic Role-Playing (RPG) game developed and published by Ubisoft. Child of Light is the story of Aurora, a fairytale girl with all the things the average fairytale girl needs an evil stepmother, a wicked queen, a plucky sidekick, and a cursed sleep. At first, this is every bit the fairytale we expect even the name Aurora we recognize from Disney's Sleeping Beauty but Child of Light is something different. Aurora's cursed sleep isn't the cue for the dashing prince to come and rescue her, it's the start of her own journey. Aurora isn't the victim, she's the hero. In co-op Child of Light PC game's combat has a nice bit of asymmetry. While the first player is choosing attacks, the second is healing and managing the enemy's speed. Playing with two people brings a lot of coordination to a system already rich with timing, but it does make an easy game even easier. On-point use of Igniculus almost completely removes the need for healing spells, much less one of the dozens of potions the game throws at you. Child of Light PC Download link --->> If difficulty is a concern you can switch between normal and hard at any time, but Child of Light's battles have a way of gripping you, difficult or not. Keeping everything lined up while planning your next move is its own kind of challenge, one that leaves little room for the thoughtless button-mashing that often creeps into turn-based RPGs. Child of Light PC Download link --->> The whole Child of Light PC game is written in verse, an interesting idea with imperfect execution. Iambic pentameter fits the fairy tale tone, but the rhyming is clumsy, and sometimes downright leaden, in a game where everything else is airy and beautiful. There are still moments when the verses soar: when Finn discovers his confidence, when Igniculus questions growing up, when Aurora consoles a sad little girl who is what she once was, who has lost everything but must fight on. But then, there's a recurring joke about a jester who can't rhyme to save her life, where the party members must follow her flubs with the proper word choice. In a game comprised of poetry this should've been the gold mine. Instead, it's a flat bit. Child of Light PC Download link --->> Every aspect of Child of Light has an unmistakably artisinal, organic feel to it. None of it feels focus-tested, or designed to appeal to the broadest possible audience; rather, it always comes off as exactly the expression its creators intended. The artwork on display is stunning, and the combat is constantly engaging, and the characters openly defy genre convention. But perhaps the best thing I can say about Child of Light is that I was often unsure as to whether I was headed in the direction I was supposed to, and I never once cared. I just wanted to fly to every corner of the world, take it in, and smile. Child of Light PC Download link --->>
Yup definitely Child of Light PC Game download link which i provided you is working. you can download this game. If you like it, you may buy it, if you want to :D
@AzeemKhan I was thinking about buying this with the money I have left over in my wallet....think it's work it? I'm just so tired of indie sidescrollers!!