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Murat Dalkılıç is slowly becoming one of my favorite voices in Turkish pop music. His musical repertoire is a nice mix between traditional and modern, and they usually get at personal issues in relationships and offer a different look at love rather than the happy-go-lucky point of view a lot of Western music frames the theme. I also really like that this song is a duet. The female singer offers a really nice contrast--her voice isn't too feminine, and blends very nicely with Dalkılıç's. @esraozcelik376 any idea who she is? =) ENGLISH LYRICS: We created an unnecessary battle between us, And naturally we couldn't get out alive. Sometimes wild emotions are good but We exaggerated it, We carried it, All the burdens that were on our road. We thought that all the damages we had were harmless, It never seemed like it was hard, it was just a game for us. Our souls weren't steeped, Admit it, we were never going to mature. Making love--which was the only thing we were good at--ended too. Passion and harmony are gone away, This is the fake end of the fake story. TURKISH LYRICS: Kendimize lüzumsuz bir savaş yarattık haliyle sağ salim çıkamadık Deli ruh hali bazen iyi gelir ama biz çok abarttık Yolumuzun üstündeki kötü yükleri hep sırtımıza çıkardık Aldığımız hasarları ziyansız saydık Zor gibi gelmedi oyundu bize tabi demlenmedi ki ruhumuzun teri Büyümeyecektik itiraf et hadi Tek iyi olduğumuz sevişmeler de bitti yok oldu tutku ve ten uyumu Sahte hikayenin sahte hazin sonu
I like this kid, I suggest you listen to any other song.@peteryang292 @cityofkyle my favorite song
@peteryang292 I love Murat Dalkilic too! He's one of my favorite Turkish artists. @esraozcelik376 what do you think?