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I AM HAPPY 2 C MY MAN IN THE FRONT <3 i can't find the video w khj focus I AM YOUR MAN but dis video made me a little bit happy i love himm <3
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@shannawi its saddd my oppa will be leaving 4 army next year 2 4 3 years 2 :-( :'( :'(
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@saharhyunjoong I'm sorry to hear that , but it' s something that has to be done .think about in a positive way he' ll be a tuff man with more muscles ;)
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@shannawi sorry babe nothing positive in the pain i have 2 bear being away from him 4 3 long painful years :'( :-\ i will missz him i told my patents 2 get me married bfr dat lol i will pray i do 2 then it will bcm a bit easier pray 4 mee chingu lol ;-) that i can be married by next year bfr he leaves hehes so i wont be lonely lol inshhaallh ;-)♥
4 years ago·Reply
@saharhyunjoong I will pray for you hope marriage will make you happy '-'
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@shannawi thankuuu sweetie inshaallah u r such a sweet friend thanku ♥
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