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GAOHU (高胡) - two-stringed fiddle, higher pitch than erhu - Also called yuehu (粤胡) TRADITIONAL CHINESE CLASSIFICATION: Bowed RELATED INSTRUMENTS: - Erhu OVERVIEW: The gaohu is a Chinese bowed string instrument developed from the erhu in the 1920s by the musician and composer Lü Wencheng (1898–1981) and used in Cantonese music and Cantonese opera. It belongs to the huqin family of instruments, together with the zhonghu, erhu, banhu, jinghu, and sihu; its name means "high-pitched huqin". It is the leading instrument of Cantonese music and opera ensembles. Well known pieces for the gaohu include Bu Bu Gao (步步高, Higher Step By Step) and Ping Hu Qiu Yue (平湖秋月, Autumn Moon On Calm Lake). NOTES: - Although originally a regional instrument used only in Cantonese music, the gaohu (in different forms and played placed on the leg, as the erhu) is used in the modern large Chinese orchestra, as part of the string family, along with the erhu, zhonghu, banhu, cello, and double bass.
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I've always loved this instrument, its so beautiful! I think a friend of mine commented on it saying that the sound takes you to another universe~~ of peace