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So my friend really recommended this programmed called Krita ( It fully supports the Surface Pro 2's pressure sensitivity. So here I experimented with almost all the tools; pencil, ink brush, paint brush, pen, and smudge. A confession, originally the whole picture was supposed to be done all in pencil but due to massive frustration I started trying other tools to cover my mistakes. Eventually I inked it and then I painted in the eye ball. The flesh around the eye is a mix of pencil, ink, and pen.
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learning a new program is always difficult, but you did a good job :) what tool did you use for the grayish color??
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Thanks! The gray comes from the 2B Pencil in Krita. I mixed in some pen and smudge as well. The lashes are done with one of the pen tools.
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@ilbumKwak awesome...thanks. I think the smudge tool was what I was trying to recognize :)
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I agree with @peteryang292! i like how if feels like you're being pulled into the eye the longer you look at it.
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@sjeanyoon oooohhh true!!!! almost like a whirlpool~~~
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