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"Too Too Too" by Lilit Hovhannisyan (Armenian)
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Armenian pop music isn't always the most innovative and exciting in my opinion, but Lilit Hovhannisyan is one of the few artists that is making a name for herself and producing pretty good music. This song is about a secret love affair between two young people. She sings about her lover comes secretly in the night to her family's garden but he always disappoints her with his false promises. "Too" means "you" in Eastern Armenian. I think Lilit is very talented but she relies far too much on her looks--maybe if she eased up a bit on the aesthetics and focused on her singing talent she could gain more acclaim and respect in the Armenian music scene. I'm rooting for her!
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oooooooohhh I've never heard Armenian beautiful, sounds like a pretty language. It's very delicate ^^
@peteryang292 yeah Armenian's special =) it's an Indo-European language with about 6 million speakers worldwide. It's generally split between two dialects, Eastern and Western Armenian. This song is sung in Eastern Armenian =)
@cheerfulcallie the Armenian music industry isn't very big and doesn't really have much of a following outside of the Armenian community, but there is some good music!