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Theres is an app for that! Watermarking your photos is a sure fire way to get people to notice you were the photographer but how should you do it?
@fallingwater @nokcha It is high time people paid more attention to their photos when posting online and you don't always have to put a visible watermark if you don't want to. :-)
@hunahuna That's fine if you don't see the need to use watermarks. If you do start selling those images through a stock agency, you can track the images with the invisible watermarks. People tend to steal pictures without visible watermarks and repost them verbatim.
@Bernard I know there are some risks for people stealing pictures, I guess I just have never been scared of someone taking credit for my work. I would likely find out and have proof that it's my work. It is very understandable from a stock photographer/landscape photographers perspective, but I don't think anybody would really want to use my work for that kind of thing
@Benard I've got my images chalk full of metadata, and I never upload full res .raw images so I tend not to use watermarks.
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