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I think this weekend officially marks the end of chilly Spring mornings. Summer is coming to New York city in full force! I'm glad I grabbed this picture of the gorgeous tree outside my apartment before the thunderstorm last night blew all the flowers away. Are the trees still in bloom where you guys are?
@mcgraffy I was hoping to get some nice flowers in my graduation photos this weekend...send some of your spring time to NYC!
@mcgraffy hoping you'll be able to still get some nice pictures
@peteryang292 LOL I'm originally from SoCal, so like SD we practically have no weather. I'm in SF now where it is colder but not as cold as NYC!
we got some nice bloons here these days
@peteryang292 Trees bloom where you're from?! In San Diego (where I grew up) its the same weather all the time so we barely even get color changes in Autumn haha
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