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Authentic & affordable BBQ (fresh meat, Galbi, Bulgogi) restaurants in Hongdae and neighborhood We are sure that most of you would like to try authentic Korean BBQ (either fresh meat, Galbi or Bulgogi) when you visit Korea. However, it's not easy to find popular restaurants to locals as well, isn't it (we don't want to introduce restaurants targeting foreigners)? Read other's experience from following blog postings and clip some of them if you like for your next Seoul trip. All restaurants looks quite popular to locals and have reasonable price tag. We picked restaurants in Hongdae area and neighborhood where are accessible within 20 mins from Hongdae area. ^ ^ * To book the 'best value for money accommodation in Korea',
If I'm ever in Korea I definitely will! @amelasantos10
@peteryang292 @teamwaffles they probably are similar in taste but i think what makes bbq so great in korea is the atmosphere! ahhaha the smell of grilled pork and the sound of people talking just kind of add on to the taste!! you guys should definitely try the local bbq places if you get a chance to come here
@teamwaffles we should have like a vingle fried chicken night hahahah its going to be so great! and there are so many flavour of fried chicken here!
@ameliasantos10 That is something I love about eating out at restaurants, the atmosphere. Korean fried chicken? Sign me up
@peteryang292 i would recommend the bbq and if you like fried chicken, they have some amazing ones here too! hahah fried chicken and well if you drink alcohol then Beer :D hahaha
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