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Q creen de estas velas?

parece ser que les ponen aceite en el fondo para que flote. o algo por el estilo. sí encuentro el tutoriales con gusto lo comparto :)
lindas, lindas!
muy bonitas...
muy lindas
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Create Calm Vibes In Bedroom
A good bedroom requires the perfect 6 pc bedroom set to fix the right mood in the bedroom. It includes a bed, nightstands, console unit, dresser, and mirror. Apart from these, there are certain other elements in the bedroom required to create a cozy environment perfect to get a good night’s sleep. Here we are mentioning some other elements that will help you in achieving warmth and calmness in the bedroom without breaking your budget. A little change in the bedroom interiors can go a long way when it comes to health benefits and being productive in your life. Right lighting The kind of lighting you have in the bedroom sets the right tone in the bedroom. It is recommended that warm light should be kept after the evening, so you slowly transition into the nighttime. If you are into reading before bedtime, then you can always have a reading light beside your bed. There should also be windows that let the natural sunlight into the bedroom during the early hours of the day. It also has many health benefits. Mood light with a dimming option should be included in the bedroom so you can control the intensity of light accordingly. Plants Being close to nature is very important these days. It reduces stress and calms our nerves. Since we live in concrete jungles within small spaces so not everyone has a huge green backyard or front lawn. So, in this case, include indoor plants wherever you can. Indoor plants also help in purifying the air you breathe and bring nature inside your home. These are also a great addition if you are looking to add a pop of colour to your interiors. A Modern 6 pc bedroom set is generally neutral toned so including potted plants as home décor will add accent features in the interiors. Fluffy fabric One of the best ways to bring warmth to the bedroom is through fabric. Get a plush rug under the bed so your feet touch the soft rug instead of cold hard flooring. You can create a cozy environment by including plush, fluffy fabric in the form of throw pillows and cushions. A warm blanket throw on the bed is also a good idea. Simply get your hot cocoa, and a good book, gather around your pillows and snuggle in the blanket to feel all the stress slip out of the bedroom. Few little changes like this go a long way. Don’t forget to change the sheets every few days as clean and crisp sheets are important not just for good interior aesthetics but also for health benefits and a good night’s sleep. These were some of the easiest ways to bring a calm aura to the bedroom. A 6 pc bedroom set is essential, but a few tricks are also necessary to set the right mood in the bedroom. It is your oasis for calmness and getting rest so don’t forget to keep it that way. Getting proper sleep and rest is essential so you face the next day feeling energized and productive at your full potential.