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Among all the cruises in the, there are more ships which cruise Caribbean than those which don't. Apart from the proximity to US, Caribbean beaches and water activities make the Caribbean cruise very appealing. Many cruises also provide shopping options. You can find good-value deals because there are lots of free cruises in Caribbean especially during early Autumn. Given its Hurricane season and humidity, it's better to avoid the summer season. Travel period varies between 5 days to two weeks depending on the routes, number of islands visiting and types of water activities. There are three different type of route for Caribbean cruises: Western Caribbean, Southern and Eastern. Western Caribbean visits beautiful beaches in Mexico Yucatan such as Cancun and Tulum. Southern route visits many islands between Puerto Rico and Venezuela. Eastern visits Bahamas, Turks and Puerto Rico. More detail information about Caribbean cruise is coming out soon.
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How do the people move from the cruise to the ocean? group diving?? :)
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Caribbean cruise, my dream :)
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