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Goosebumps. Just wait for the vocals, Anders Osborne's voice is unreal. The first time I saw him live I nearly fainted from the chills running down my spine. Anders Osborne is one of many very popular blues guitarists to come out of New Orleans with fame. Inspired by Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and the like, Anders left his home in Sweden to share his joy of music around the world. He eventually found himself in New Orleans in 1985 and has called it home ever since.
@cityofkyle I have seen him multiple times over, mostly back in New Orleans where I went to college.
Whoa you're right. I honestly wasnt expecting much when they introduced the song, but that was actually magical!
@cityofkyle Don't pass on the opportunity to see him if you get the chance!
I dig this whole bus venue idea
Where/when did you see them play?
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