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Hi Vinglers, I’m @dillonk. I’ve had the opportunity to meet a handful of you through different communities on Vingle, but for those of you who don’t know me I am the Photography Interest Editor. In addition to photography, I am also interested in graphic design and came up with the idea of starting a collection cover redesign project. I love to share my work with others and thought this could be a great way to do that since it would also allow me to help fellow Vinglers. So, I'd like to offer any of you who would like new collection covers a redesign! If you have any collection cover that you think could use a different look, please leave a comment on this card and include the URL of the collection cover you'd like me to remake. I will have 2 covers ready every monday so first come, first serve! Please note that for now I will keep it to 2 covers per Vingler so that I can get to as many Vinglers' request as possible. Once your request has been accepted and scheduled, I will message you with the details :) Hope to hear from you guys!
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OMG, wow...awesome idea indeed, i love it...
@cheerfulcallie Feel free to jump in on the fun! Although your collection covers look pretty good already :)
@dillonk i do like my covers somewhat but not my fonts and how its laid out. i actually do want something different but im not sure of what?? sooo thats why i havent made any demands from you yet, hahahaha!!!! no worries, if you insist ill come around to tug on your sleeves eventually and say, "kevin, can you make me this or show me how?"...hahaha!!
@cheerfulcallie I won't mind!