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This is another photo from my grammy's garden--a tomato! She loves growing a lot of tomatoes, plucks them right off the vine, and eats them with a little bit of salt. This is from early on, when only a few were ripe. I liked the way only one of the tomatoes was ripe, and tired to capture it's red against the other greens. If you have any advice on how I could further work with this photo, please let me know! I'm always hoping to learn more :) This is a photo I took in my grandma's garden when the flowers were at their fullest blooms! I especially liked this flower because of the gradient of pinks, and had to capture it. I don't typically edit any of my photos, so if you have any advice for how I might be able to make this (or any of my other!) works better, please let me know! I want to learn more about post-processing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Photographer: Me Camera: Canon Rebel t3i
Looking at this makes me want a fresh tomato from my garden.
Looks like I'm going to be taking tomato growing lessons from grammy
@hikaymm I'll be right over for some tomatoes...lol. But really, those are some big tomatoes! I grow some myself, but I've never gotten any that big.
@caricakes yes! its so easy to use that I feel like I havent even learned all the features yet
How lucky for you...wish me got your grammy and her garden..
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