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These are two images I shot of the same group of flowers at my grandma's house, but I'm not sure which of them I like better. On one hand, I like the closer flower in the first image, but the focus isn't perfect and it seems like the image needs some cropping. The second image appeals to me because of the open space, making the flowers more suspended in the composition. Which do you like better? Comment below and help me decide which I should try to work on :) This is a photo I took in my grandma's garden when the flowers were at their fullest blooms! I especially liked this flower because of the gradient of pinks, and had to capture it. I don't typically edit any of my photos, so if you have any advice for how I might be able to make this (or any of my other!) works better, please let me know! I want to learn more about post-processing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Photographer: Me Camera: Canon Rebel t3i
@hikaymm Nice photographs :). You should work with in the second photograph because there is more room to work with and it's in focus (which is the most important part). You could effectively crop the second image and get nearly the same composition of the first photograph. In regards to editing, it could use a little tweak to brightness/contrast and vibrance, just to bring out the color of the flowers a bit more. I will be sure to create a photoshop tutorial for this topic :)
Phlox is such a nice flower for a hummingbird or a Monarch butterfly to munch on.
I like the first one, but only because its closer so if you did crop it maybe I'd change my mind. does she plant these or do they grow wild?
@dillonk that would be awesome! I agree about cropping the second image. I always have a hard time figuring out what the right amount of brightness and contrast adjustments are, so I'd be grateful for a tutorial.
@djm15001 phlox!! I didn't know it was phlox. I think I do have some pictures of the monarchs, but not on phlox.