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(I am incapable of naming flower photos; I'm sorry) This is once again a bunch of flowers in bloom at my grandma's house. I really enjoyed the colors of this particular bunch, and tried to make the overall composition more interesting by playing with the focus. If you have any advice on how I could take a photo like this better, or maybe enhance it with post-processing, please let me know :) I'd love some critiques. This is a photo I took in my grandma's garden when the flowers were at their fullest blooms! I especially liked this flower because of the gradient of pinks, and had to capture it. I don't typically edit any of my photos, so if you have any advice for how I might be able to make this (or any of my other!) works better, please let me know! I want to learn more about post-processing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Photographer: Me Camera: Canon Rebel t3i
@onesmile You're right; the focus seems to be somewhere in the center, but nowhere that it should. I'm not really sure of a good solution for this, other than casting the whole thing into an off-focus haze.
The colors of this are beautiful! it seems like the focus is a little off, though, more on the closed up petals off center right?