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Parallels - Desk Workout
This move will target your thighs and all you need is a chair! "Stand with feet together behind chair, holding onto its back with both hands. Lift heels off floor to rise up on tiptoe, squeezing thighs together. Keeping abs engaged, back straight, and heels up, rotate lower body to left. Bend knees slightly and move body down and up 1 inch; do for 1 minute. Lower heels. Repeat, rotating to right. (For an extra challenge, place a piece of paper between thighs, and don't drop it!)"
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this is great!! its like a mini barre workout~~ hopefully I wont look too silly doing this in publix
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@fallingwater I feel like this more is discrete enough that no one will laugh at you :) And yes to the barre workout! A barre studio just opened near my house and im really interested in giving it a go!
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@nisfit Even though I dont realllly take ballet classes anymore, i love doing some of the exercises I learned for barre! they're really good for overall toning;; you should give it a go!!!~~
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