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Shinwha - yo 1999 In this clip they look so young and sexy even though they are in school uniforms. It's a dramatized music video, so we can see they are acting. so CUTE ><
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@nanako246 I feel so happy that they keep releasing their own albums :)
6 years ago·Reply
@Lavieenrose : yep, my first kpop crush, and my bias is Eric and MinWoo
6 years ago·Reply
@SerenaLee : i keep following them even theyre on hiatus for almost 4 years
6 years ago·Reply
@nanako246 then, Do you watch Shinwha broadcasting(Shinwha tv)? It is so funny that I always watch it.
6 years ago·Reply
i do, but not all, coz i prefer watching drama, and live performance more than a variety show, but i really love RM so much, and it take time to watch all of them...
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