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"Known for his attention and passion for the technical aspects of print making, Ansel Adams became a consultant for Edwin Land and the Polaroid Corporation in 1948. He tested film and products for the ensuing 35 years, memorably noting in his posthumously published autobiography that, "Many of my most successful photographs from the 1950's onward have been made on Polaroid film. One look at the tonal quality of the print I have achieved should convince the uninitiated of the truly superior quality of Polaroid film." Adams’s influence extended beyond the camera, in recruiting other well-known and important photographers to use Polaroid cameras and be incorporated into what became a landmark collection." @onesmile I though you might like to see some of Ansel Adams polaroid work :)
@onesmile I had no idea Adams was a consultant for Polaroid. Not many people know of his work in polaroid film, but I think it's just beautiful. Like you said, it is incredibly interesting to see his style come through in a method outside large format cameras :) @peteryang292 Glad you like them!
@dillonk I'm glad he's still able to surprise us :)
@dillonk HOW have I never seen these before?! Thank you for sharing! It's really interesting to see the way his style translated into the polaroid format. I'm still seeing a lot of simple lines.
Wow these are awesome photos!