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Ack, horror movie posters! Once you see ‘em, you can’t get them out of your head. Here are the posters (and a couple of stills) from Ghost Story of a Girl, which once was titled Girl’s Grave and stars Kim So-eun as a ghost girl who’s lost her memory and Kang Haneul as the teenage outcast who can see her. They form a friendship as a series of disappearances at the high school unfolds, which are somehow connected to a secret regarding the ghost girl. I know what you’re thinking: That poster’s not so bad. Neither are those stills. Scroll. Scroll. Scr— ACKKKKKKK! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
i love kang ha neul and i live for horror movies! so....... when is the movie coming out???
@pixiececi july 2014
thanx defintely gonna watch it! and youre right, the last pic was unexpected!
@jaminwithyou lets watch??