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I went to Sweet Rose Creamery tonight, which was perfect because it's been SO hot in LA over the last two weeks. Sweet Rose os popular because they make their own unique ice cream flavors in shop, and change them every single day. I got cinnamon sorbet with mandarin essence (at least I think that's what it was!), it was delicious!
@cityofkyle I drive there a lot! a lot of my family is persian so we have to stop in little tehran haha
have you had ice cream from rose & saffron? they have the best flavours like cucumber or rose!
@peteryan292 it is very very hot and it's only May!! @cityofkyle OMG you must be burning up!!
That looks delicious! I've definitely seen my friends Instagram posts from that place! @imliz I've heard how hot it's been in SoCal; San Diego is even experiencing wild fires! =/
@cityofkyle Oh My goodness It's been so hot in LA!! What is up with this crazy weather?
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