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What do you think the Cookie Monster is thinking?
Look who I found in San Francisco! It's the Cookie Monster! What do you guys think he could be saying? @imliz @cityofkyle @caricakes @fallingwater @gabyrich @sjeanyoon @dillonk @esraozcelik376 Haha I found this on Tumblr and thought it was so funny. I love how the Muppets really have developed their own characters and personalities and are not seen as "puppets" but are real people.
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I've lost my cookies, so I'm hear to meet my baker. @imliz @cityofkyle @sjyeanyoon @fallingwater
4 years ago·Reply
what do you MEAN they're out of coookieesss??
4 years ago·Reply
I am here for ALL DA COOKIEZ
4 years ago·Reply
Where's my cookie?!!
4 years ago·Reply
Where's Elmo?
4 years ago·Reply
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