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Sometimes celebrities go out of their industry and do something beyond their typical showmanship. Here’s a list of celebrities who adopted their own business ventures and became pretty successful in doing so: Kevin Smith: Comic Book Store Silent Bob is all about making visionary and artistic films… and selling comic books. Kevin Smith purchased a comic book store back in the 90s that became successful enough to warrant a move to a larger location, now called Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash. Fun fact: he writes comic books too. Jessica Alba: Baby Clothing Jessica Alba has become, in recent years, a woman thoroughly defined by her family. She even co-founded a company called The Honest Company that helps families choose safe products for their children. Rush Limbaugh: Tea Company Rush Limbaugh, the outspoken mouthpiece of conservative America, owns a tea company. It may be to ensure all of his tea party friends plenty of tea to throw in the harbor after each unpopular decision of Obama’s. Kevin Costner: Ocean Therapy Solutions Costner’s fascination with the sea didn’t stop after Waterworld fumbled, he owns a company called Ocean Therapy Solutions that specializes in machinery that separates oil from the ocean. The government used 6 of them after the BP oil spill in 2010, prompting BP to lease 32 more. Venus Williams: Interior Design This tennis superstar is more than just an athlete! She owns an interior design business called V Starr Interiors.
Huh. Who knew? The most impressive is Costner's machinery that cleans the ocean of oil spills. His kick-assness just skyrocketed several notches!
I like that. this is really cool.
rush and his tea company really make me laugh