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Looking polished, put-together and amazing shouldn't be time-consuming or stressful. These simple makeup tips will have you looking great no matter what you're wearing; they'll shave minutes off your morning routine and leave more time left for what you love best: planning, accessorizing and perfecting your outfit. Multi-Task Multi-task while moisturizing by using a 3-in-one solution. Your moisturizer should contain sun block (at least SPF 15) as well as antioxidants. You'll protect, hydrate and receive anti-aging benefits all at once. (An additional time-saver would be to choose moisturizer with an added tint that's close to your skin tone and use it as foundation.) Concealer, Primer and Base The right foundation creates a base for your makeup that hides blemishes and makes skin radiant. Streamline your routine by first using concealer on under-eye circles, blemishes and dark areas. You can "color-correct" pimples or red blemishes by using a slightly yellow-toned concealer to neutralize their reddish color. Next, add a quick primer layer. Brush your teeth or fix your hair while the primer sets, then apply a thin layer of foundation. You're then ready for the rest of your makeup. Three Eye Essentials If you’re in a really big hurry, do just a quick touch-up with concealer and base, then focus on "the three Es" of the eyes -- eyebrows, eyeliner and eyelashes. First, brush, tweeze or darken your brows as needed; next, line lashes with dark brown eyeliner (the most versatile color.) Apply light mascara. Add a touch of lip gloss, and you're ready to face the world. Steer Clear of Mascara Mishaps When you're pressed for time to begin with, smudging your mascara only adds to your stress. Avoid this by holding a tissue beneath each lash while applying. That way, any excess will end up on the tissue, not your skin. This is especially crucial with lower lashes. The Minimalist Look If you're pressed for time, traveling, low on energy, or just not that into makeup, then a minimalist look is for you. Very often, less can be more, and understated makeup will give you a put-together look that's fresh, natural and appealing with any outfit. Try doubling your blush as eye shadow, lining just your lower lids and skipping the mascara. Once you've mastered it, your ultra-chic, easy makeup routine could be: quick concealer, foundation, blush on cheekbones and eyelids, eyeliner on just the lower lids, lip gloss -- and you're out the door!