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"It's the little things in life that makes us happy." Another great outdoor Coca-Cola campaign from Ogilvy Berlin. Well done!!
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@imliz my parents are here too,,, but they are going back in a year or two. The rest are in Korea. hour and a half.. bleh.. where's your work at?? I wonder if they are done with the construction at 405 getting off at westwood. I see.. I don't know where I heard that from but guess I'm wrong. That's cool. Guess you like children eh??
@smpmemento i have always been interested in Korean language and culture.. well probably because i have seen so many korean drama and i became interested so after graduation i came here!~ so do you come back to korea often??
I work DTLA..I don't think they are ... I wonder if they are ever going to finish construction on the 405. haha yup i Love love kids.. How can you not? They are so cute and innocent.
@imliz downtown!!! bleh.. I used to work dtla... I hated parking there so I commuted by bike. yes, they are indeed. I've seen some girls who literally hates kids with passion!! ahaha they think kids are annoying.. which is true sometimes.. I used to teach kids..arts though. gets messy but fun
@ameliasantos10 ahaha whats your favorite one?? I'm not so fond of dramas though..movies however are! Can you speak korean yet? how do you like living in Korea?? where in seoul do you live? I hated how the banks close ridiculously early there.. and packed people!! lol yea used to.. but it's been about 2 to 3 years since I went there..