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"It's the little things in life that makes us happy." Another great outdoor Coca-Cola campaign from Ogilvy Berlin. Well done!!
@smpmemento i graduated and then came here basically to learn the language ^^ and yes if i had to leave korea right now i would totally have a hard time because of how much i will be missing the food and the late night snack like you said hahah midnight fried chicken or like ddeokbokki!
@imliz @ameliasantos10 yes ahah.. was born and raised in Korea. came to the states 15 years ago. I graduated from LA then came back to the bay area. what bout you guys?? What do you guys do?
@smpmemento nope i am not!~ but i am currently in seoul :) haha @onesmile hhaha well yer basically it's a riverside park that goes along the river and it's pretty famous to both locals and foreigners and there's an area where people go to picnic on the weekends and i think this campaign will be great for the area haha
@ameliasantos10 @imliz This would be such a great marketing campaign in any city!!! haha great :) people love just a little something out of the ordinary on their daily walk. cool share @smpmemento
@ameliasantos10 ahaha whats your favorite one?? I'm not so fond of dramas though..movies however are! Can you speak korean yet? how do you like living in Korea?? where in seoul do you live? I hated how the banks close ridiculously early there.. and packed people!! lol yea used to.. but it's been about 2 to 3 years since I went there..
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