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1 Slice off the top of your Granny Smith apples. 2Hollow out the inside of each apple with a knife and a spoon. 3Add a little cinnamon to the filling, then pour it into the hollowed apple cups. 4Cut the crust into 4 pieces, one for each pie. Cut each quarter into 1/4-inch strips. 5 Lay 3 to 4 strips of pie crust (depending how thick they are) on top of each filled apple. 6Place the apples in a water bath and bake away.
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@gabyrich great idea, its pretty easy cleanup after too
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i just realized there's no recipe for the filling.
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@imliz it's just the apples u scooped out with some cinnamon....ordinary I would add some brown sugar as well
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Water bath baking??
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