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GAH!! No!!!!! I am sharing this with you fellow Vinglers because only you would understand this frustration. I don't know why, but this always seems to happen to me! -Closing the page of an article/picture that you want to "Vingle it" and not being able to find it again! -Losing the description that you spent writing out for a good 15 minutes -Closing the card page thinking you posted your comment I just finished summarizing an article to share with all of you, and I accidentally refreshed the page instead of posting it!! Fail!! I think I got too excited T.T Does this ever happen to you? @cityofkyle @onesmile @nokcha @dillonk @divalycious @teamwaffles @cheerfulcallie @jackjb @imliz @gabyrich @nisfit @strawberrychip @ameliasantos @peteryang292 @caricakes
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This seriously happens to me all the time. So annoying!!
GaH! This happened to me several times!! I've made a point to try and save all the URLs on my desktop!
@sjeanyoon I feel your frustration! I've done all the 3 things you mentioned multiple times.
Thanks for the support everyone
@sjeanyoon you are not the only one! hahaha i have probably write out comments and then thinking it was posted hahah and losing the page i want to vingle is is probably the most frustrating thing.. that is why i just vingle it and schedule them! so i don't lose them later hahaha