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It's been muggy and overcast all week here in the city, but this afternoon I caught a glimpse of blue sky! I love the buildings in Soho because its such a change of pace from the grey buildings uptown. I love this colour!
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This is an app right? I love these filters!
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@dillonk @Nisfit yes its a free app that is similar to instagram except you dont have an account where you can showcase your pictures. Also, you can get a lot more filters. Some are free, but most sets of 3 are 99 cents. Sometimes publications like Hypebeast will team with VSCO and make really cool filters for free :)
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@caricakes thanks for sharing! I love the gradient it's created in this photo--very different from Instagram's filters
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@caricakes Super cool! I'll have to give it a try. I'm always looking for the next photography app :D. Filters scare me sometimes, they do add nice aesthetics, but I feel like you can get too much a good thing sometimes :\
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