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Newyork Festival 2013 / Water is Life : Hashtag Killer

Type of entry: Branded Entertainment Category: Best use or integration of digital or social media Advertiser: WATER IS LIFE Product/Service: WATER IS LIFE (NON PROFIT) Agency: DDB NEW YORK, USA he "Hashtag Killer" campaign set out to eradicate the ironic #FirstWorldProblems meme, in which people tweet about such life burdens as non-heated leather seats or forgetting their maid's last name - and, in the process, raise awareness about WATERisLIFE and the world water crisis. Results The 'Hashtag Killer' campaign set out to eradicate the ironic #FirstWorldProblems meme in which people tweet about such life burdens as non-heated leather seats or forgetting their maid's last name - and, in the process, raise awareness about serious developing world issues. For our anthem commercial, we gathered various "first world problem" tweets and then approached people in Haiti to recite them. But perhaps even more effective was the video series of personalized responses, in which various Haitians console users of the hashtag. Unlike an ordinary campaign, this particular idea needed to be filmed, edited and dispersed in as close to real time as possible. The idea was that when someone would complain about a first world problem on Twitter, they would get a direct response film within a day or two from either a Haitian man, woman or child, sympathizing with them. In total, we created 15 individual videos, an anthem commercial, a press campaign and a radio campaign. Upon launch in early October, we activated our pre-seeded network of celebrities, influencers, journalists and bloggers to spread the word on our behalf. Once this happened, requests for interviews started pouring in, which changed the way we dispersed the project. Instead of trying to push the message out, we began controlling the conversation by only answering the requests of the most appropriate journalists and news outlets first. By nature, the campaign had two types of audience members. The first was our micro-targeted audience. Specifically, those who tweeted about their #FirstWorldProblems and received a response from us. The second audience member was the everyday, active social media user. It was also a content-driven content with no media support. So, the audience was grown by both the press we received, as well as word of mouth. In one instance, a single Facebook post by the group 'Everyone Matters' was shared 225,000 times. The project was also featured in every major news outlet, resulting billions of impressions. The campaign became wildly popular thanks to a combination of successful social media strategy and a gut-wrenching message about life in the developing world. Featured in every major news outlet, the anthem received over 3 million views, Twitter followers increased 34%, YouTube subscribers increased 520% and the campaign reached more than one billion impressions. On top of that, #FirstWorldProblems tweets went from 5 hitting every second, to just a few every minute. More important, the campaign changed a behavior. Instead of complaining about #FirstWorldProblems, people began using the hashtag to encourage donations, resulting in enough funds to provide over one million days worth of clean water to those in need. The Case study titled Hashtag Killer was done by DDB Ny advertising agency for product: Water is Life (brand: Water is Life) in United States. It was released in the Nov 2012
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Basic Information About Quality Assurance Consultants
Quality is not a linear word; it has multiple definitions. When it comes to quality and its assurances, business lacks knowledge and expertise that is why they prefer contacting Quality management consultant. If you wanted to know more about quality assurance, read more. What is quality? The definition of quality also varies from person to person, but in organizations, there must be some standardization that can be documented and treated as quality. In simpler words, quality is fulfilling the customer needs and expectations on the parameter of durability, price, design, reliability, customer service, functionality, and others. What is assurance? Assurance gives credibility and makes a trust bridge between a business and its other stakeholders. It guarantees that the product or services is without any flaws and a customer will get 100 percent satisfaction and value for their money. In-house quality assurances do not make that much impact as compared to assurance from quality assurance consultant professionals. When a business spends on quality management consultants, it is an investment. The invested money gives returns in the form of more customers, high brand value, more expansion, and excellent future growth prospects. As a business, if you are looking for top-ranked Quality management consultants in Australia, contact PQAS. Quality assurance process Professionals from Quality management consulting services make a customized quality assurance process by considering aspirations, industry, business size, human resources capability, budget, and other requirements. Get Quality Assurance certification now. The process involves four stages:- 1. Planning- Once you contact quality management consultants from, they understand every detail of your requirements and also does the ground study. This is the first and crucial stage and all the important decisions are taken in that stage only. Based on the planning, the business gets into a contract with professional consultants and signs a deal. 2. Development and testing- Actual work starts at this stage. Quality management consultants in Australia develop a framework of guidelines/changes and start testing for its efficacy. A small sample size is taken and if the process is successful, the next process starts. Consultants train and prepare master trainers for further dissemination of the information and imparting the knowledge. 3. Monitoring- Any changes take time to give results and in that period it is essential to keep a watch on the process. This helps in mitigating the weaknesses and focusing on the strengths and opportunity areas of the work. 4. Executing- In the final stage, quality assurance consultants implement the work. They ensure that the business fulfills its objectives of implementing a quality assurance process. A business should adopt a quality assurance process periodically to ensure that the product/service is designed and implemented with prescribed procedures. It reduces errors and problems and gives a quality product.
Quais os Serviços Necessários para ter um Site no ar?
Está iniciando os serviços virtuais, mas perdido e não sabe o que é necessário para ter um site no ar? Não se preocupe, é exatamente estas questões para que resolveremos neste post. 1: Registro de domínio: O primeiro passo é escolher um domínio para o seu site. Domínio é o endereço do seu site, aquilo que as pessoas irão digitar para chegar à sua página. Por isso, escolha um domínio, de preferência curto e memorável, para que seja fácil das pessoas lembrarem e acessarem. 2: Hospedagem de sites A hospedagem é onde ficarão os dados e informações do seu site, e-mails e outros arquivos. Ou seja, diz respeito a maneira com que os seus dados são armazenados. Por isso, é fundamental que seja um serviço e profissional. Mas fique tranquilo, é possível encontrar uma hospedagem de sites barata e de excelente qualidade. 3: Escolher a plataforma para criação de sites Diferente do que você imagina, o valor para criar um site pode ser exatamente o que você deseja pagar. Isso porque existem diversas formas para você executar este serviço, veja: Criar você mesmo através da plataforma WordPress Criação de sites personalizados Construtores de sites Sites prontos para editar Pronto, agora você já sabe quais serviços você precisa adquirir para criação de um site profissional para seu negócio. Tudo que você precisa é garantir um bom domínio, uma hospedagem profissional e escolher a plataforma de criação de sites que lhe oferecer melhor custo x benefício. Confira todas as informações do assunto em: